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Hello all! A big thank you to Prism Book Alliance for having me today, and thank you to everyone who’s followed along on the blog tour for A Rose by Any Other Name, my new M/M roaring twenties romance. The 1920s was a fascinating decade, which made research fun. A good deal of information I’d already collected for a few of my other stories, but the most fascinating information I came across was when it came time to researching gay men during this time period. There was a great deal I hadn’t known.

For one, before I started writing in the 1920s, I hadn’t realized how visible the gay male world had been in certain major cities. Although the roaring twenties wasn’t roaring for everyone, it was a period where in cities like New York, Paris, and Berlin, the gay male world wasn’t as hidden–for a time–as it was elsewhere.  Here are just a few interesting facts about gay New York that I learned during my research.

  • During the mid to late 1920s and into the very early 1930s, the gay male world emerged from the enclaves of New York City into mid-town. Here are some fascinating facts I came across during research.
  • Times Square was the primary social center where gay men who didn’t work and live there could meet with friends, build strong connections, and create public identities different from the ones they maintained at work or elsewhere in the straight world.
  • The effects of Prohibition and loosening of moral codes helped make it possible for the gay presence in Times Square to grow. As the criminalization of liquor led to the corruption of policing agencies, making it easier for places where gay men gathered to survive since the speakeasies had to bribe authorities to stay away.
  • Speakeasies encouraged a sense of rebellion, along with testing the limits of social convention in many different ways. Over the course of the 1920s, gay men became more visible in Times Square in almost every setting from nightclubs and burlesque halls, to the “legitimate” stage and the media.
  • Folks attended drag balls by the thousands, from the Vanderbilts, Astors, and other pillars of the community, to celebrities popular in the gay world.
  • Performers like Gene Malin led the movement of gay acts into midtown Manhattan. He became a master of ceremonies and central attraction for Club Abbey—one of the city’s swankiest clubs. He introduced other gay performers and for a while was assisted by Helen Morgan Jr., a female impersonator, well-known torch singer, and hostess.

Obviously my research was far more extensive, but I thought I would share just a few interesting tidbits. It’s during this time period that A Rose by Any Other Name is set, with Julius Knight being one of the many “pansy performers” of the time. Like the thousands of speakeasies in NYC, the Pantheon is under the protection of a very dangerous gangster, so the law never interferes. Unfortunately, it means the rug can swept out from under all its performers, including Julius at any time, especially when said gangster has no intention of ever letting Julius leave the Pantheon or his side.



RoseByAnyOtherName[A]200A Rose By Any Other Name
Fallen Rose: Book 2

Genre: M/M historical romance, 1920s
Novel 270 Pgs
Sept 12, 2014
Dreamspinner Press
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Nights in the roaring city remind bright young things that life’s too short to take for granted. Tucked away in Times Square hides the Pantheon: a secret cabaret for wealthy gay men. Pretty young men in elaborate costumes and rouged lips are eager to please, and the champagne flows all night long. It’s a world of frivolity, fantasy, and debauchery. As Eros, the most sought after performer at the Pantheon, Julius uses his beauty and charm on enthusiastic patrons, but growing weary of superficial love, he longs to make a better life for himself.

Five years after being declared mentally unfit after surviving the trenches of No Man’s Land, Edward Joseph Clarence Junior pieced his shattered life back together. Now he’s ready to take on the family empire. To celebrate his thirtieth birthday, Edward’s cousin takes him to the most posh nightclub in town, the Pantheon. Falling under the sway of Eros, Edward and Julius find a love they’ve never imagined and the chance for a future they had only dared to dream about. But as Ares, a notorious gangster and Julius’s most important—and dangerous— client watches them, the threat to their love and their lives grows by the day.


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CCochet100Charlie Cochet is an author by day and artist by night. Always quick to succumb to the whispers of her wayward muse, no star is out of reach when following her passion. From Historical to Fantasy, Contemporary to Science Fiction, there’s bound to be plenty of mischief for her heroes to find themselves in, and plenty of romance, too!

Currently residing in South Florida, Charlie looks forward to migrating to a land where the weather includes seasons other than hot, hotter, and boy, it’s hot! When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading, drawing, or watching movies. She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.

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  1. Absolutely loved this book and all the characters especially Maxfield. Thanks for sharing some of the research you found while writing the book.

  2. I adore history and I love many shows and movies set in prior historical periods. Right now I am enjoying “Hell on Wheels” and “Turn”. I loved “Lonesome Dove”, “North and South”, “How the West was won” and “The Young Riders”. I will anything from a historical period a chance, especially if it is American. I bet you uncovered a great deal of interesting bits of information while researching the roaring 20’s! It was a fascinating time of transition and progress.

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