A Twist and Two Balls by Clare London ~ Book Review by Beverley

Currently, there seem to be several authors who are writing really good, entertaining novellas and Clare London is one of them…

A Twist and Two Balls Title: A Twist and Two Balls

Author: Clare London

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Lou Harper

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars


Eduardo Mancini is going to be a star of the London stage and screen. Or that was the plan. His alter ego Eddy March hasn’t got further than the chorus and a bit part in a TV series. His parents aren’t supportive, his agent can’t place his particular skills, and he’s finding it hard to hang onto his young dreams. Things go from bad to worse when he’s late for an important audition, hasn’t got enough to money to pay the taxi fare, and is chased across the streets of Soho by the irate driver.

Eddy reaches what he believes is sanctuary – “With A Kick”, a store where ice creams are blended with alcohol and imagination, and where his friends can help him. But Nuri the taxi driver is persistent in his steady pursuit, above and beyond the money he’s owed. Despite their very different characters and background, Eddy and Nuri’s relationship goes from a complete unknown to a wary balancing act. There are still mistakes to be made, and hurdles to clear. And both of them have to admit that their life so far hasn’t gone the way they planned.

But maybe being caught by Nuri was just what Eddy’s career needed – both for his job and his heart.

Beverley’s View:

This is a delightful London based novella, which I think is the first of a series focussed around the ice-cream parlour, ‘With a Kick’. I hope so because I really fell for Lee who is a secondary character in this novella and works in ‘With a Kick’. The main characters are a down on his luck actor, Eduardo Mancini /Eddy March and a Turkish taxi driver called Nuri. However, Nuri comes with a whole raft of wonderful family members. This is a funny character driven novella and I fell for all the characters except Eddy’s agent, but then I wasn’t supposed to like her.

It is a romantic and interesting story and I love the part of London where a lot of the action takes place. It is also rare to read a story about the Turkish community in London and cleverly, by making Nuri a Turkish taxi driver, the author immediately made me think I knew what he would be like. That is the strength of stereotypes. Clare London takes on those stereotypes subverts them, and produces a novella to curl up in a big chair with and just enjoy.

I can reveal the moment I fell for Nuri as I highlighted the quote.

Nuri was also still smiling. His hand was still resting on top of Eduardo’s, too. “It’s said that laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship.” Eduardo flushed again, but this time in surprise at Nuri quoting Oscar Wilde.

I won’t reveal the reason for the title. I will just say I wish ‘With a Kick’ was real and look forward to reading more about these characters.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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