A Working Man by Sandrine Gasq-Dion ~ Book Review by Caroline

23210945 Title: A Working Man

Author: Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Publisher: Wilde City

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Matthew Hawke’s professional life is soaring as high the powerful bird of prey whose image is inked on his back. He’s at the top of his game as the owner of an advertising agency that is scooping up prime accounts like a mighty hawk wrapping its talons around an unfortunate ground rodent. Yes, work is good. Too bad his love life has more in common with the dying rodent than the triumphant hawk. When the thought of a sexy man trumps actually being with a sexy woman, Matthew thinks it might be time for a change. And there IS a gorgeous man at the gym he’s noticed.

Drakon Mavros is working his shapely ass off to make ends meet. His administrative assistant job at a messenger service is steady, but the money he gets from his more creative job pays most of the bills. An ex-boyfriend took his confidence, his trust and his self-esteem and Drakon is afraid to take another chance at love. When an adorably goofy man at his gym actually hurts himself trying to flirt with him, Drakon can’t resist falling under Matt’s spell. He makes Drakon feel good about himself again and praises his artistic talent – neither of which his ex ever did.

As the men begin to fall for one another, it appears nothing can go wrong – they seem to be soul mates. Secrets and lies can crack even the firmest foundation, though. It takes a true master to shore it up so that it never crumbles. Is love the mortar that can restore trust and faith and bind men forever? Only time will tell. Can Drakon and Matt take that chance?

Caroline’s View:

Ah, I do love me some Sandrine Gasq-Dion!

So the fourth book in the Men of Manhattan series and this time we see Matthew Hawke, the up until now straight, boss of Hawke Advertising falling in love.

Third times the score!! The first time Matthew’s eyes are drawn to a gorgeous man the man runs off to deal with a toilet block. The second time it’s all in the voice as Matthew falls for the sexy voice of a sex phone operative. The third time he drools at the gym at the gorgeous hunk that he is too scared to go over and talk to.

His ideal man could very well be a mixture of all three!

Girls just aren’t doing it for Matthew anymore and he is feeling restless. When he miss dials a number for a sex chat line and ends up talking to a man instead of a woman and is the most turned on he has been in months he starts to question what he knows about himself. When he finally plucks up the courage to speak to the hunk in the gym after embarrassing himself he is pretty sure it is a man he wants!

Drakon works a few jobs to make ends meet and when the guy next to him flies off the treadmill he rescues him and takes him to hospital. He is very wary of meeting new people, especially men he could fancy after an ex stole all his confidence and trust but there is something about Matthew that draws him in. The one thing Drakon will not put up with is lies in any shape or form.

Matthew is a very wealthy man but doesn’t brag and isn’t ostentatious. After a few dates with Drakon they have told each other all about their lives and families but Matthew has held back about what it is he does for a living afraid that his money will scare Drakon off. This lie of omission will come back to haunt him.

I love that the lives of their friends are already so entwined and it is always good to see characters from the previous books. Drakon’s father is hilarious and Sandrine has incorporated a lot of humour into the story. The moral of the tale is honesty is always the best policy! Oh, and who wouldn’t want a dildo named Roy?

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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