Accepting Caladon’s Scales (A Paranormal’s Love #9) by Charlie Richards ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Accepting Caladon's Scales Title: Accepting Caladon’s Scales (A Paranormal’s Love #9)

Author: Charlie Richards

Publisher: eXtasy

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Into the Paranormal World: Sometimes going against family leads to better rewards than sticking with them.

After seventeen years in captivity, Caladon O’Hara is freed from his cage by gargoyles. His rescuers take him to their manor, give him a safe place to recuperate, and set him up with a new identity, Caladon Wykert. They also aid Caladon in tracking down information about his son, Taolma. Upon seeing a picture of his son’s face after so long, Caladon goes into mild shock, overwhelmed at seeing him as an adult for the first time.
Nurse Leroy Wilde works part time at the gargoyle’s mansion. He handles daytime shifts since Perseus, the clutch’s head doctor, has not yet mated and turns into stone during daylight hours. When he spots Caladon through a doorway, he’s quickly smitten by the tall, handsome shifter. Still, Leroy keeps his distance. He’d tried dating an African American once before, and due to his family’s bigotry, it hadn’t turned out so well.
When Caladon suffers a shock, Leroy is called to help. His mere presence yanks Caladon out of his stupor, only for the shifter to declare they are mates. Leroy is unable to resist the siren call of the mate-pull, and he agrees to a date. He quickly discovers that his family isn’t the only complication…because at the time of Caladon’s kidnapping, he was still married. Mates or not, Leroy refuses to get involved with a married man.

PizzyGirl’s View:

Accepting Caladon’s Scales is book 9 in Charlie Richards’ A Paranormal’s Love series and the name of the novella is a perfect description of its theme. This story is all about acceptance. Acceptance (or not) by family, acceptance by a mate, and acceptance of one’s true self. It was a quick and easy read with a nice HEA,

I greatly enjoyed reading this tale. It was mostly angst free and had a very light feeling overall. Leroy’s family could not accept his sexual orientation or his partner’s skin color, so they caused some turmoil. But in the end, Leroy accepted that he is worth more than his family will ever give him, and chooses his new family over blood.

Caladon finally found his family again after years in captivity. The reunion was easy and loving and Caladon was quickly accepted back into his family’s lives. This added to the overall light feel and made me happy for this shifter who has known so much pain in his life. Charlie Richards has a knack for writing characters I can easily connect with. It makes each story more satisfying.

Finally, I really liked the structure of the relationship between these two men. Yes, they were mates and the mating pull helped things along, but all was not perfect. Leroy took a stand and would not “cheat” with Caladon until he let his wife know that he had found his mate. I like this approach as many stories forgo fidelity in the wake of extreme lust. Also, Leroy has an issue with snakes and is initially afraid of Caladon’s shifted form. However, his love is strong enough that he is willing to try to become more comfortable with Caladon’s boa. It was cute reading the scene where Leroy nervously approached the huge shifter. All that is said to point out that this relationship was faster than normal, but slower than most shifters. It was a steady progression that left me feeling warm and relaxed inside. It was a very satisfying romance.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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