All Fired Up by Morticia Knight ~ Book Review by Leisa

From Morticia Knight’s Sin City Uniforms series …

All Fired Up Title: All Fired Up

Author: Morticia Knight

Publisher: Totally Bound

Cover Artist: Posh Gosh

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars


Officer Shawn Everly patrols the Strip. Fireman Trent Marshall saves him when danger strikes. But it’s uncertain whether Trent can save himself from getting his heart broken by Shawn.

The party never ends on the Las Vegas strip, but neither does the danger. Officer Everly is new to the beat, having recently relocated to Vegas from Los Angeles. Foot patrol on The Strip is a demanding assignment because he’s up close and personal with the public. But what he’d really like to do is get up close and personal with Station 32’s hunky fireman, Trent Marshall.

Trent has been a fireman for over ten years and is dedicated to his job. He’s built tough and is a no-nonsense man of few words. At a local blood drive, Trent meets the handsome new officer on foot patrol, but won’t let himself get too close. He’s lost love before when his policeman lover was killed in the line of fire.

During an emergency, Trent’s over-protective instincts kick in when he believes Shawn is in harm’s way. He ends up embarrassing and angering Shawn in front of their fellow officers, which seems as though it will end any hope of Trent having a chance with the young man he can’t push from his mind.

Shawn can’t decide whether he wants to punch or kiss Trent. Kissing wins. Once they spend some time together away from the stresses of their jobs, they find that they’re not just compatible—they’re combustible.

But Trent can’t seem to accept that there are hazards that come with working in law enforcement. Right as they’re discovering how much they mean to one another, the danger escalates on The Strip. The underground vigilante group, The Citizens Against Immorality, have raised the stakes. Will Shawn and Trent be their next targets?

Leisa’s View:

I have a thing for stories about men in uniform stories … all that heroism and testosterone! All Fired Up is the story of policeman Shawn who is rescued after an on the job injury by his major crush, fireman Trent. Hunky Trent can’t keep his eyes off physically smaller Shawn, but Trent is still nursing a broken heart from the death of his policeman lover. Despite Trent’s fear of caring about another police officer, he can’t stay away from Shawn’s sweet sexiness. Soon these two are in the midst of an emotionally charged and deliciously sexy relationship.

The verbal interplay and the physical relationship between Trent and Shawn are a delight. I particularly like how Trent’s lingering pain about his lover’s death manifests itself as Trent sometimes grabbing smaller Shawn and carrying him out of harm’s way. This dynamic of their relationship, as well as Shawn’s bemused embarrassment and ultimate acceptance of Trent’s man handling, is both a little silly and charming.

In addition to a delightful and quite lovely romance, there is a surprisingly interesting and intriguing story line involving a crazy and dangerous vigilante group. This action packed and angst filled portion of the story serves to solidify Trent and Shawn’s love for each other, and to help them realize that together they can meet any adversity and have a happy future.

I recommend this delightful story – It’s my favorite Morticia Knight book!



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