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Prism Book Alliance would like to thank Chris Cox for taking the time to talk with us today.


GRL! Counting down the days!

I’m a GRL virgin, but, with your help, I’m ready to become a total conference slut.. To make the most of every second of every day and night, I am putting together my “Goals for this Conference” list.

  1. Dancing. Will there be dancing? If so, that is where I’ll be. Somehow, wiggling around in my living room just isn’t the same as squirming around on the dance floor. (PS I am a really good dancer after a couple of drinks—really, I am! And I’ll bet you are, too!) (PPS Wanna know a secret? Often my drinks are just water, but I’m good at pretending they are something stronger so that I can use imbibing as my excuse for the fancy footwork.)
  2. Talking books. I read more than I write. I always read a couple of books a week, even on my busiest weeks. So I’ve read a LOT of books by a lot of authors. And I’m so excited to know that you read that much, too. We’ll have SO MUCH to talk about!!!!
  3. Talking writing. If you even hint that someday you might want to write, be ready. I will want to discuss technique and voice and inspirational photos (this, especially if you have an awesome Pinterest board to share) and what you’re favorite brain food is. (Mine’s peanut butter.)
  4. Figuring out who on FB is who in person. This one is gonna be a challenge, but I’m up for it. Are you?
  5. Absorbing the writer magic that authors leave in their wake. You’ve felt it, right? You find yourself in one of those little standing circles that writers instinctively form. You hear the passion as an author talks about story. Then the hands start waving and the wild magic starts flying and there you are! In the circle, soaking up all that goodness. There’s nothing quite like it.
  6. Relishing the rush of reader excitement that keeps the magic of story alive. Yup, it’s’ true. When stories are read, when they are cried over, laughed over and even when they are flung against the wall, they turn the passive energy of words into the active energy of emotion. What a powerful transformation!
  7. Soaking up the luxury. Okay, so maybe it’s a little shallow that I’m looking forward to coming into my hotel room to see the bed made up and then sighing with pleasure when I untuck those tight sheets. But there it is. Thanks ahead of time to the staff that gives me that little bit of clean sheet pampering that I don’t have in my dirty socks ordinary day.
  8. Making my world a bigger, better place. Where I’m from, in my teeny tiny town, in my teeny tiny world, I’m the different one. Sometimes, that’s pretty lonely. So, I’m counting on you to be different, too. I would be thrilled if we could meet at GRL and be different together.



Title: When Sean Loves Rusty
Author: Chris Cox


When Sean Loves Rusty

A Sean and Rusty story collection

Best friends since grade school, lovers since high school, Sean Delahunt and Rusty Duchene thought nothing could ever tear them apart. Then Sean graduates college and his world changes, while Rusty’s stays the same.

Offered a job in Boston, Sean knows asking Rusty to leave New Orleans is a big sacrifice for his soul mate, who has a successful career and supportive family. Abused and rejected by his own family, Sean struggles with self worth and thinks this career opportunity will give him a new life.

Rusty wavers in his trust but takes and chance and agrees to follow him to Boston.
Alone for several weeks in a strange city, Sean is determined to make friends on his own. When Rusty arrives, this new Sean makes him feel insecure. Crushing student loans, being unable to find a job and suspicions about the nature of Sean’s friends strain an already tenuous relationship.

A trip home for the holidays reminds both men of all they’ve left behind and makes them reevaluate what they want in their future.

On the verge of wedding vows, a career crisis threatens to bring their lives back full circle.

Money, moves and men…will this longtime love last forever or will life in the big city destroy their young love?

includes: Meant To Be, Moving On, Tricked Up for Treats, Jingle My Bells and For Better Or Worse

About the Author:

b60089a0b3010a8c0b121d.L._V355797097_SX200Writing is one of those things I must do because it’s who I am. Reading is one of those things I’m grateful you do, especially when you’re reading one of my stories!

Having the freedom to write about issues that matter, as well as to write about loving relationships, gives my muse great pleasure.
I write short stories, novellas and novels about Louisiana boys in love.

The Bayou Boys series is set around New Orleans, in my home state of Louisiana where I live and love.

I hang out on facebook a lot. Find me there,

Get notified about my newest release by signing up for my very infrequent newsletter on my websites, or go to any of my books on this site, look right and click the link where you want Amazon to notify you when I have new stories published.


Tour Stops:

Carol Lynne 15-Apr
Eden Winters 2-May
Rowan Speedwell 13-May
J. P. Barnaby 23-May
Toni Griffin 6-Jun
Kindle Alexander 20-Jun
Zathyn Priest 4-Jul
Diana Copland 18-Jul
Angel Martinez 23-Jul
Sara York 31-Jul
Jeff Adams 5-Aug
Brandon Witt 14-Aug
Deanna Wadsworth 21-Aug
Shira Anthony 28-Aug
Ethan Stone 1-Sep
Jamie Lynn Miller 11-Sep
Lori Toland 29-Sep
Freddy MacKay 2-Oct
Erica Pike 6-Oct


Buy Links:

Amazon US


Chris Cox has kindly offered 1 Lucky commenter will win an eCopy of When Sean Loves Rusty

Contest will end 7 days from original posting date at 8pm CDT. Must be 18 or older to enter, void where prohibited.

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23 thoughts on “Chris Cox talks GRL! Counting down the days! ~ Guest Blog, Giveaway

  1. Thanks for sharing your goals for GRL. Look forward to hearing all about your experience there. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. I consider myself lucky to be good friends with this author! If you’re going to GRL and you want to hook up with someone fun, fast, and imaginative then you want to find Chris Cox! (Ps. don’t let her fool you. She likes pink wine. And it doesn’t take much.) 😉

  3. Too bad I can’t make the conference. Sounds like fun. I’d love to read more about Rusty & Sean. I believe I recall having read another story with those names.

  4. Don’t count me in for the giveaway, I already own the books. I hope you have a lot of fun at GRL and tick off everything on your list of goals to accomplish.

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