City Wolf (Axton and Leander #2) by S. P. Wayne ~ Book Review by Lirtle

A werewolf in London, er I mean, Los Angeles….

city wolf cover 1 Title: City Wolf (Axton and Leander #2)

Author: S. P. Wayne

Publisher: Amazon

Cover Artist: T.K. Hunter

Rating: 4.50 of 5 Stars


After almost a decade of self imposed solitude, Axton has a boyfriend. Leander might be a thousand miles away, but that still counts, right? Sure, maybe they haven’t actually talked about their relationship status yet, and Axton might be a gay werewolf and Leander might be a human, but Ax is pretty sure things are going well. Leander wants Axton to come visit him, but who’s going to take care of his forest while he’s gone?

Los Angeles is a big change for a reclusive werewolf, but he’s in love and happy, with a new family–pack?–to look after. But when Axton’s carefully buried past starts to catch up with him, it’s only a matter of time before someone pays the price for his freedom.

Lirtle’s View:

I was a mere 2% into this book and I said: I’m already saying awwwww, I’ve really missed Axton and Leander from Winter Wolf Book 1 of Axton and Leander’s story and, wait for it, I’m actually going to use the word adorable.

The tone of City Wolf is different than that of Winter Wolf, the opener in this series. It’s because the personalities of both Axton and Leander are front and center. Axton can’t pretend he’s a mystery to Leander anymore, and Leander can’t hold back his energetic humor in an attempt to hide his true feelings. These two are in it for the long haul.

Firsts. Axton and Leander both are checking off several of those boxes under the relationship category. These all make for amusing revelations and sweet conversations. Their directness and honesty with each other in most things are refreshing and help propel the story forward.

Lest there be an ounce of doubt, this is seriously romantic. Lest there be any concern, this is unrelentingly hot. Lest there be any worry, this is such a wonderfully fun read. I could barely keep the grin off of my face – I stopped trying – as Ax and Lee navigate relationshiplandia, poking fun at themselves as much as each other.

About a quarter of the way through and I already felt like I had been given a full story in the best way. Still so many pages of Axton and Leander to sop up like a freshly made oatmeal biscuit drowning in mouthwatering melted buttah. Buttah, I tells ya!

There is joy in Wayne’s writing. Joy. In the writing. It’s scrawled all over like the walls of a mile-long cave painting filled with scenes of dancing, eating and sexing. It grabbed my hand, this writing, and I just as joyfully skipped along the pages with it. Joy.

The supporting characters are used as touchstones, avenues of realization for both Axton and Leander. Axton starts to learn, finally, how it feels to truly have a family, a family that has chosen you and will back you up no matter what. Leander comes to understand himself better than ever before, especially when it comes to Axton, to loving him.

Christina and Leander exchanged looks.
“A blusher,” she said.
“I know,” he said, grinning.
Axton buried his face in his hands.

I paced myself while reading this. I didn’t want to miss a silly, romantic, meaningful word, and I wanted to make it last as long as possible.

This book did have a few typos, but they didn’t slow me down. Just be aware.

Also, during one of the larger, fast-paced action scenes, I had a bit of trouble following where all of the characters were and what they were doing – almost like missing or having one too many limbs doing this and that.

The baddy is a little predictable and seemingly unstoppable but he’s got his own issues and we do get to see a bit of that, especially in his interactions with Axton.

Things I love about this story, in case it wasn’t obvious yet:

• This is not just a romance, but a story about their romance, that’s how it feels.
• No false hesitations are foisted upon these two, they work hard at not shying away from emotion. They may want to sometimes but they admit instead of run, know instead of guess.
• This is not at all your typical werewolf story. It’s about two people, one of whom just happens to be a were, but he’s had his own issues and difficulties in life. He’s not perfect, not invincible.
• Axton and Leander are both funny in their own unique ways, which made it so easy for me to picture them during any one of their animated discussions.
• They work through things, even when they vehemently disagree. Gee, hmm, you mean like adults? Yes, like adults.

Things I love about Wayne’s writing:

• Superbly entertaining
• Unbridled… yep, you guessed it, joy
• Smart dialogue
• Shy and bold all at once
• Emotionally driven physical descriptions

The end… the end!! I can’t even. Want to know why? Because it’s not the end, there is a third book coming. This means all will be right with the world once again. This is the true beginning! (Right??! Ms. Wayne???!!)

I’m so very happy that I took a chance on Winter Wolf, recommended by a friend, and overjoyed that I’ve now gotten to read City Wolf. Axton and Leander, you both have places in my heart. I’ll risk it being bruised for you.

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  1. Howdy, and story wise you wouldn’t need to read book 1 (Winter Wolf) but to lerrrrrrve Axton and Leander even more, I would bread book 1 (Winter Wolf lol) first. WW is pretty fantasitco, as well.

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