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Me & Daniel Kaine

Author: Ethan Stone

GRL Memories

Gayromlit in Chicago is just around the corner so today I would like to share my top five GRL memories, in no particular order.

My very first book signing:


The book signing at GRL New Orleans took place on a paddle boat. It was also my very first book signing. To say I was unprepared would be an understatement. I mean, I had fans, for crying out loud. I knew people had bought my book, but I hadn’t realized I had fans. The kind of fans who get excited when they see me and hug me and squeeze. (And call me George—Not really.) It was an awesome experience that I will never forget.



The strippers at the Juke Joint in New Orleans were definitely eye openers because I hadn’t expected them to be all the way naked. Granted, a couple of them didn’t move very much or have hard-ons. I don’t know if they were straight and uncomfortable at a gay bar or queer and uneasy with all the women there.



I’ve met a lot of great people in the two times at GRL but there is one person who I communicate with on a regular basis and who has helped me immensely with books—Dolorianne Morris. She’s a wonderful, intelligent, amazing and beautiful woman. If I were straight, I would be all over her.

Being fondled by Damon Suede and Ellis Carrington:


At GRL New Orleans I was still in a relationship that made me miserable and very unhappy. After loosening up with a few Hurricanes, I opened up to a group of people during lunch. Despite barely knowing me, Damon made it a point to tell me again and again that I was a beautiful man and deserved nothing but the very best. This picture was taken and sent to my then-boyfriend to make him jealous. It certainly did the trick, though it took me a while to finally end the relationship.

Bathroom incident


At GRL in Albuquerque I roomed with Daniel Kaine and my bff, Lara Brukz. The room had two beds, so Daniel and I shared a bed. It was a very fun weekend for that and other reasons, but there is one incident that I will never, ever forget. I’m sure Daniel and Lara won’t either.

The first time Daniel and I shared a bed, we were…doing things two gay guys do in bed. Having fun and trying not to make too much noise. We decided to go into the bathroom for a little more freedom, unfortunately in my excitement I forgot to lock the door. And, of course, that’s when Lara’s bladder decided it needed to be relieved. I’m sure she was as surprised as Daniel and I were when she opened the door and found me on my knees.

In Chicago my boyfriend and I are sharing a room with a friend named Dawn. Trust me, when he and I are in the bathroom we will be locking it.

I expect to make even more memories in Chicago and can’t wait to see old friends and make new ones. See you there!

PS, be sure and hug my boyfriend when you meet him.


Tales from a Prison Bitch

Thomas Grayson is young, handsome and in prison. If he wants to survive he only has one choice—find someone who will take care of him. Neil Booker is perfect for the job, but Grayson must be willing to pay the price.

Grayson has never been with a man and isn’t thrilled about being a prison bitch but he’d rather be with Booker than be abused by other convicts. He takes to it easier than expected and actually enjoys his time with Booker.

The roles are changed when Booker is paroled and Grayson gets his own boytoy. However, he can’t forget about Booker, not even when he finally goes home.

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About the Author:

Ethan Stone lives in the soggy state of Oregon, and, yes, he does have webbed feet. He used to have a day job where he wore a sexy uniform, now he can wear whatever he wants to work as he attempts to see if this writing thing can support his Mt. Dew addiction.

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21 thoughts on “Ethan Stone talks GRL Memories ~ Guest Blog, Giveaway

  1. Why didn’t I know that story BEFORE I met Daniel Kaine in Bristol!!!! Great memories Ethan, try to come to UKMeet one year!

  2. I always get excited about the upcoming trip when I read about GRL. And yet I’m so not prepared! I think I’ll finish taking care of business today so I can stop stressing and start enjoying.

    Thanks for sharing your memories. I saw you in Albuquerque, but was too shy to say hi. It was my first GRL and I’d never been to a conference before, so everything looked like Christmas morning in Wonderland. I’m hoping we’ll get a chance to chat this year ^.^

  3. I’m so nervous about GRL, but every time I read a blog post like this it puts me a little more at ease. Great post here, Ethan. Your bathroom story made me giggle. I can only imaged how surprised you all were.

  4. Ha @ Ezinwanyi! SO very true lol
    Thanks for the awesome post, Ethan. 😀
    I’m definitely looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone. 😀

  5. Well its a good job what happens at GRL doesnt stay at GRL – I love hearing all the snippets – my way of vicariously attending!

  6. Oh, all the great fun to be had at a convention!! Seems like everyone comes back with stories of some kind and they always tend to be epic! Hope you have some great ones this time too.

  7. LOL. Great post and awesome pictures. Thank you for sharing them, it looked and sounded like you had a great time. I hope this year will be just as memorable for you =)

  8. Oh man! Maybe one day when I’m no longer a poor post grad I could come to these gatherings. Haha. I always read about the most amazing happens

  9. Thank you for funny and fond memories of the GRL, I just wish I could go and meet all the folks you mention, yourself and more 🙂 thank you also for giving one of a chance to win your audio copy of your book Transparency

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