Frankie’s Knight (Pulp Friction 2014 Elemental Connections #4, Earthquake #3.5) by T.A. Webb ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Frankie’s Knight ties together characters from Pulp Friction 2013 and Pulp Friction 2014. There is enough history that you do not need to read Pulp Friction 2013 to understand this title, but I recommend reading it first for greater enjoyment. This falls in the fourth round of Pulp Friction 2014 and needs to be read with the understanding that it is part of a serial and is not the full story.

Frankie's Knight Title: Frankie’s Knight (Pulp Friction 2014 Elemental Connections #4, Earthquake #3.5)

Author: T.A. Webb

Publisher: A Bear on Books

Cover Artist: Laura Harner

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


Teenage boys are disappearing from the streets of Atlanta, and Detective Frankie Prater is resolved that, this time, one will make it out alive. The trail leads to Flagstaff, Arizona, and a man suspected of being a sadistic rapist and killer.

Brady Owens lived six years as a prostitute after his parents threw him out at the age of twelve. After surviving a vicious attack, he found a home with Frankie and his kids. Now he’s eighteen and tired of Frankie’s excuses for not taking their relationship to the next level. Perhaps a trip with just the two of them—even if it is a business trip—is what Frankie needs to see Brady as a man and not a victim.

From the hard streets of Atlanta to the Painted Desert of Arizona, the race is on for Frankie to find not only a missing boy, but his own Knight.

PizzyGirl’s View:

Frankie’s Knight brings back Frankie Prater and Brady Owens from Pulp Friction 2013. They were not the main characters in the 2013 serial but did play important roles, so I really like the fact that Mr. Webb brought them forth as the focus of this tale. So far, the previous elemental connections have revisited main characters from previous books, but Mr. Webb has broken away from that in a good way.

Frankie’s Knight flawlessly connected the Pup friction 2013 and 2014 serials. The plot from the current round set things up nicely for these men to fit right in. Frankie and Brady’s history helped move the plot forward in a way that did not feel contrived or forced. They were not out of place and enhanced the story rather than distracted from it. This was very well written and well executed. I am so glad that the baddy is getting what he deserves!

I loved seeing Frankie and Brady come to terms with their growing relationship. It was nice to see that Frankie did not rush things with Brady (especially because of Brady’s age and past), but rather gave him time to grow up and heal. In fact, it is Brady who forces Frankie to move things forward and acknowledge their attraction. It was a great read and these two men are good together.

Frankie’s Knight was a great addition to the pulp friction 2014 serial. I am so happy that the authors put together these Elemental connections books. I greatly enjoyed reading them all and feel that they are a great way to remind folks of talent these four authors posses. I have said it time and time again, but I highly recommend this series to everyone.


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