Good Bones by C.C. Flanagan ~ Book Review by Leisa

News Flash: C.C. Flanagan is officially one of my favorite new authors of the year! Her story, Good Bones, is an emotionally driven love story that is absolutely a delight!

Good Bones Title: Good Bones

Author: C.C. Flanagan

Publisher: Loose Id

Cover Artist: Anne Cain

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Ace Hoffman is a home stager who is trying to escape his latest closet case heartbreak. Zane McDonnell is a chiropractor who has made the closet into a comfortable home. They meet in a dark back room one night and part just as quickly, never to see each other again…

Until Ace shows up at the door of Zane’s brother to work on his house. Now the guy who has sworn off closet cases can’t escape the man who is afraid to show the world who he is. When one tends to run and the other always hides, can they build any kind of future together?

Leisa’s View:

Time and again I’ve said it’s the characters who make or break a story, and Ace and Zane are the type of unforgettable characters who draw the reader into a story and make you fall in love. Ace is an adorable man who stages homes for sale, and out of loneliness he goes to a club and hooks up with the hottest man on the planet, Zane. Their sex is combustible, and both men are deeply affected, but this does not prevent closeted Zane from fleeing from the club. Imagine their surprise when they meet again after Zane’s brother, Brody, hires Ace’s services to prepare his home to be marketed.

First, I must say that the physical relationship and chemistry between Ace and Zane transcends mere hot sex (although it is hot!). They have a palpable connection that literally leaps from the page. They’re sensuous, sexy, and share an intimacy that feels honest and real. There is also an emotional vulnerability about the characters that is endearing. Ace escaped an emotionally draining relationship with a closeted man only a year previously and is wary of becoming involved with another closeted man, while Zane is struggling to come to terms with that he cannot both remain ensconced in his closet and live an authentic life free from constant fear of someone discovering that he is gay.

The evolution of Ace and Zane’s relationship is taken in gentle “baby steps,” and is still precarious when faced with an unwelcome blast from Ace’s past. Although I was initially somewhat disappointed in both Ace and Zane’s reaction to this situation, it proves to be the catalyst that both men need to acknowledge their feelings and grasp onto their uniquely lovely opportunity to have a happy life together.

I also cannot fail to include how amazing the supporting characters in this story are. Zane’s brother Brody is a “typical guy” who is more upset that his brother has lied to him all of his life, than that his brother is gay. Also, Brody’s fiancé Adele is a precious and spunky woman who immediately bonds with Ace and sets about finding a way to help Zane and Ace work through their misunderstanding, while Ace’s friend Erik proves that he puts the well being of his friend above his own bruised ego.

Do not miss reading this delightful and heartwarming story. Like the fresh cotton candy Ace eats in the story, it is off the charts hot, sweet, and delicious!

Now I want C.C. Flanagan to write Erik’s story … He deserves his own happy ending!

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Good Bones by C.C. Flanagan ~ Book Review by Leisa

  1. I’ve just purchased this from Amazon however I remember the story from a free website. I can’t wait to read the polished version

  2. Now that I’ve read this I can honestly say I loved loved loved it! Better than the 1st free edition. I am so glad I found this book. I can’t wait to see if CC releases my other favourite stories of hers!!!! 5 stars to Ace and Zane. I agree with the reviewer, Erik is a darling who totally deserves his HEA….

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