Hero by Heidi Cullinan ~ Book Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

4 Mind-Bogglingly Trippy Stars

Hero Title: Hero

Author: Heidi Cullinan

Publisher: Wilde City

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.0 of 5 Stars


Construction worker Hal Porter knows he’s nobody special. But when strange events draw him into a magical world, he becomes the only man who can free Morgan, a lonely, long-enchanted shape-shifter. Whether he feels he’s worthy or not, Hal is the hero Morgan has been waiting for.

However, Hal’s task becomes personal as he and Morgan fall in love. Now, to save Morgan and give himself the happily ever after he’s always longed for, Hal will need to do something far more daunting than face Morgan’s captor or finally come out of the closet…

He’ll have to believe in himself.

This title has been previously published and has been revised from its original release.

My View:

I’m an HC fan. Unashamedly so. I like how she smuts, how she writes, how she develops a character… well, you get the idea. If I were Empress of the Universe (because aim for the stars, right?) she would be in my coterie of storytellers.

I’ve not read anything like this from her before. It was weird and cool and strange and dare I say it? It was a far out urban fantasy. I wonder if she was or if we are supposed to be just a tiny bit… ah, altered to really get it. You dig?

Hero is part Japanese folklore, part fairy tale, part paranormal, part good old fashioned faith and heaping tablespoon of exhibitionist smut like only HC can do all blended up together in a psychedelic cocktail. I’m not even sure I can describe what happens here, but I’ll give it a go and hope for the best.

Hal is an in the closet construction worker. He moves to LA ostensibly to come out of the closet, but it never pans out. Alone in the big city, away from his family and working a construction job that he’s not crazy about leaves him feeling listless and lonelier than ever. Whilst pondering his miserable state he has a vision of a prince in a glass tower and is beguiled, but also thinking he might need to have a professional take a look under the hood.

Shortly thereafter he sees a sex kitten in a fur coat IN SUMMER! IN LA SUMMER! And in an empty lot across from the construction site. Hooker, right? That’s was my first thought. Nope. Not even close. She’s the key to the prince in a very convoluted sense. The prince is a shape shifter named Morgan. Morgan is the most fanciful and extraordinary incantation of a shape shifter I’ve ever read.

What ensues involves:

  • A vision of a bar that only Hal and Shinju (the sex kitten) can see.


  • A sociopath named Eagan who’s not too keen on Hal poking around in that “vacant lot”.


  • A shit ton of foxes (kitsune) plus other creatures thrown in for good measure.

 One word:  Trippy.

HC made me believe in the instalove, (a feat in and of itself) by constructing Hal and Morgan’s relationship in such a way that they were like two souls finally finding one other across time and space recognizing their other half instantaneously. Hal falls despite the outward appearance which confuses him, but then again souls don’t need the “right” shell to recognize one another. It’s a subtle but potent difference OR I’m a total sap who gets sucked into the destiny trope. Sue me.

Hero is not all feels. The adventure to find the “hero” is one freaky journey. Don’t we all have a little hero in us? Somewhere? Or are heroes to someone? Sometimes we just need a little push, someone to believe to make the magic happen.

“I just love you. I loved you too soon and too fast and too deep, in a way that doesn’t make sense and never will. My love isn’t rational, Morgan. That means I’ll never stop trying to find you if I lose you. I’ll never stop. Ever.”

HC can smut like nobody’s business and she definitely knows her way around exhibitionism. That knowledge is on glorious display here. Hero is also smutacularly romantic and a tiny bit kinky. SQUEEE!!! I’m not even going to spoil the smut. Suffice to say, there is such a thing as a lifesaving blow job. HC said so and she’s like an oracle.

It goes without saying that I recommend Hero. Everyone should experience HC.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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