Jayson James talks Pieces of US ~ Interview

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Title: Pieces of US
Author: Jayson James
Publisher: Self Published

Thank you for hosting me on my first ever blog tour!
Although I have put out five previous books and three short stories, I have never done a blog tour before where I am visiting a different blog every day. I am quite excited! Be sure to follow me on social media to see where I will be each day!


Over 100 drawings were created, modified, merged, cropped and manipulated to create the cover for Pieces of Us. This by and far was the most labor-intensive cover on any of my books to date. I feel with how it turned out, it made all the work worthwhile.



We are here today to talk about Pieces of Us. What can you tell us about it?

Pieces of Us takes place heading into the summer of 1988 and focuses on a teenager named Jesse Stetson who is realizing that he is different from his peers. Although much of what this character experienced is similar to what teens nowadays experience, views were different back then and acceptance was not as forthcoming.

Tell use more about the main characters.

The story is told from Jesse’s point of view, giving readers an idea of the turmoil he’s experiencing along with his justification for denying who he really is. Jesse is a character I think most people will be able to relate to as they are reading. It was important to me to keep him true to not only his inner conflicts but also the impact that that time had on him being honest with whom he was. Jesse’s best friend is a girl named Dylan Sterling, with whom he has been the best of friends for several years, sharing everything, yet this is something Jessie is convinced she will not understand. Dylan has a new boyfriend, Cam with whom she is dividing her social time that used to go solely to Jesse with him. Then there is Orion, a new kid who moves to town. He and Jesse grow close and it is with him that Jessie comes to realize that it is ok to be him.

If you had to throw a Stephen King book out the window, which would you choose?

Under the Dome. This book started off so well and through the first two-thirds I was really enjoying the story. Then towards the end it goes off the deep end and never comes back. I felt robbed spending so much time reading and then to have such a horrible ending. This isn’t the first time Stephen King has done this and I am sure it won’t be the last. Yet, I keep on reading his books. Ha!

What one story made you lose sleep as a kid?

As funny as it might sound, especially since it was one of my favorites growing up, the only story that came to mind that made me lose sleep as kid was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I can remember being worried and eventually waking both my parents up worried about our house being covered by a giant pancake and all of us drowning in melted butter and maple syrup. I was convinced there was a possibility of it happening!

Who are your literary heroes outside of the m/m genre and why?

Stephen King and James Patterson immediately come to mind. They have really established themselves in the literary world and are able to freely write and put out one book after another. Their books are an automatic buy for me!

Do you take a break from a first draft to get distance from it, or dive right into editing, or edit heavily as you write?

Most of the time, I will get the story written and it goes off to my editing team who does a fabulous job of going through, catching errors and making suggestions for changes. Over time, I have discovered it is better to get the story out rather than focusing on editing issues.

Do you have a character in your head that you have yet to write a story for?

There always seems to be at least one in my head. Currently at the forefront of my mind are books focusing on side characters from some of my previous books. Such is the case with the twins, Tyler and Tyson Hensley. I actually borrowed them from a book I’d started a few years ago and my friends have been on me ever since to complete it. TNT, the book with them in it is for the most part outlined and I have tripled the word count as far as writing it and I might very well finish it one of these days.

Rapid Fire Time

  • Fire or Ice? Ice
  • Sausage or Hamburger? Hamburger
  • Underwear and socks: folded in the drawer or tossed? Folded
  • Salty or Sugary? Sugary
  • Morning or night? Morning
  • Train or Plane? Plane
  • Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla
  • Sweet or Savory? Sweet

What are you working on? What’s next?

In a few months I will have a new book called How It Was Supposed to Be going through editing right now and will be out in the next couple of months. It is about a teenager named Reese and how his world is turned upside down when his father loses his job and his family loses everything. Beyond this book, I have a few ideas in my head and I have been toying with writing something in a completely different genre.


“Into the lake?”
“Into the lake.”
For Jesse Stetson, a boy who knows he is different and Dylan Sterling, Jesse’s best friend, Sander’s Lake has served as a sort of scrapbook for them with sentimental items being dropped into the lake from their dock after significant events in their lives.
Life in 1988 was different from today. A boy and a girl being best friends were uncommon. Not that Jesse or Dylan cared, they had each other and that’s all that mattered. Or so Jesse wished. While Dylan has been meeting and dating guys, Jesse has yet to find the same connection with a girl. The closest he’s come is Dylan, but she’s a girl and a friend not a girlfriend. Jesse is struggling with his feelings and trying his hardest to be normal.
Dylan and Jesse are growing up and possibly growing apart. Dylan has a new boyfriend and is now splitting her time between him and Jesse. To further complicate things, Jesse meets Orion, a new boy in town. Jesse knows that his feelings towards Orion must be wrong, yet it feels so right. Even if Orion feels about Jesse the same way that Jesse feels about him, should they act on their attraction?
This story is a journey of friendship and discovery, finding out who you are as a person, and then being okay with who you are.

About the Author:

My name is Jayson James. I am an Indy author of several novels and novellas. I was born and have lived most of my life in Washington State. My interests beyond writing include drawing, reading a variety of books, watching movies and hanging out with his friends, family and dog. Besides an author, I am an artist. The cover art on every one of my published works are one of my own drawings. I take the drawing I do for each cover and then design the rest of the cover around it.

Author Links:

Website: www.jaysonjamesbooks.blogspot.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jaysonjamesbooks

Google+ & email: jaysonjamesbooks@gmail.com

Twitter: @jaysonjamesbook

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  1. I don’t like any horror movies from 1988, earlier by a few years or after that year yeah. But not exactly in 1988. Although I suppose Halloween 4 was good horror flick it wasn’t my favorite.

  2. Congratulations on your new release! I think your cover turned out great. I love the colors…all the blues and greens combined. Very pleasing to the eyes. Of course, blue happens to be my favorite color. 🙂

    Horror movies from 1988…Fright Night Part 2 (although I loved the first one the most), Pumpkinhead (I really like Lance Henriksen, especially when he was in the TV series Millennium), and Halloween 4 (those movies always gave me the creeps).

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