No Fae is an Island by Angel Martinez ~ Buddy Review by Beverley and Teresa

No Fae is an Island is the latest in the ‘Endangered Fae’ series, which I find consistently well written and thoroughly enjoyable…

Title: No Fae is an Island

Author: Angel Martinez

Publisher: MLR Press

Cover Artist: Winterheart Designs

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Diego comes home to a world that refused to stand still in his absence—there’s a vampire on Tearmann Island’s security force, a curious selkie has followed him home, and so much to do to make the world a safer place for magic, but Diego’s no longer sure he has the right to interfere.

Three years ago, Danu banished Diego for a time from the human world. Three years and three days doesn’t seem that long to be away from home but living among the wild /fae /can change a man and the human world returns the favor by changing while he’s gone. There’s a vampire on Tearmann Island’s security force. A curious selkie’s followed him home. So much to do to keep the world safe…but Diego’s no longer sure he has the right to interfere.

Theo Aguilar started his vampire life on the wrong side of the law. He’s killed and knows he’s dangerous if he doesn’t stay in control every moment. But the /fae/ took him in and Prince Lugh has given him a position of trust. So when Diego and Finn are arrested on a diplomatic mission far from home, he knows his duty. He’s striking out on his own to rescue them, a lone vigilante once again, this time for the good guys. The only glitch? The selkie, Limpet, can’t seem to understand the alone part.

Beverley’s View:

Let me start by saying that although I haven’t written reviews on prism for them I have read all the other books in this series and loved them. One of the reasons I love the fantasy genre, is the world building, and Angel Martinez makes the blending of a ‘Fae’ world of magic, and our human world, seem effortless. The first books had more of the secrecy aspects you expect when a magical world is being hidden from the Real world, however events in the previous novels have meant this aspect needs to happen less often. Except as in real life, the new and different are never wholly accepted by all and integration is never an easy process.

The analogy of using the Fae world and the ‘magic sensitive’ humans to mirror the plight of LGBT people in our world is not unique but done very well here. I won’t go too far into the story as it really is a series and the blurb above is done well enough that fans of this series will be intrigued by what is in this novel. I do particularly like the map they look at in the Fae Consul, which illustrates the countries and States in America becoming accepting of magic people. Mirroring such maps we have all seen, plotting the acceptance of same sex marriages in our world. There is also a rather lovely sentiment expressed by one of the captives, which relates directly to the arguments spouted by the religious right wing.

But what Saeed says is that our gifts can’t be evil. This is how we were born. To call it evil is to say that God has made mistakes.

I was a little worried about using the Muslim world as the ‘bad guys’ but can understand why. It’s a little like in the days of the Cold War when every spy or weird event lead back to a Russian. Sometimes though it’s good to remember that more of the problems we experience in life come from our own communities than from outside ‘group baddies’. This was a really good adventure story within a magical universe that relates well to the problems faced by the LGBT community.

Additionally, Angel Martinez writes such adorable and enticing characters. In ‘No Fae…’ we have a two site story as one pair of characters rush to aid another held in a secret Arabic prison. The captive pair are Diego and Finn as lovely together as always and the new pair are Theo, the young vampire who was beguiled by Diego in Semper Fae, and a super cute Selkie called Limpet. Limpet by name and nature. He was a breath of fresh air throughout this story, but so good was the intrigue, plot and characterisation that I enjoyed all the scenes not just the ones with Limpet and Theo.

This is another really enjoyable addition to this series.

Teresa’s View:

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

No Fae Is An Island


My goodness, where to start! I loved this installment in the Endangered Fae series. We are reunited with Diego and Finn after Diego’s exile and see how much he has healed in three years. He is not the same man however, and struggles to find a place for himself back in the human realm. Meanwhile, Theo, our wayward vampire, has found himself a place at the consulate but is not whole either.

I loved seeing Diego and Finn’s relationship as strong as ever and I was glad to see them back in the action. Limpet was a cute addition to this vast cast of characters and the perfect one to draw Theo out of himself and show him love.

I liked the use of the prison and laws in the foreign land against magic users that mimicked those against homosexuality to draw the parallel. Diego handled everything admirably and I think we could learn something from him.
No Fae Is An Island has action, emotion, and meaning. I heart this book!

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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