Oxycodone, Morphine and Monkeys, Oh My! ~ Diana Copland: Outside the Margins

Join us as Diana Copland goes Outside the Margins.

The-Growing-SeasonI’ve decided that general anesthesia and I make strange bedfellows. I’ve come to this conclusion after my recent back surgery. It’s either the anesthesia or the morphine.

I’ve also decided that my mind is… an interesting place. Edmond Manning, brilliant author of the King Mai and King Perry books, talks about his dreams in great detail, but I don’t ordinarily remember mine. They’re sketchy, black and white things that escape me almost as soon as I open my eyes. Not after surgery. They were vivid, and weird, and might just end up being books somewhere down the line.

First, there was the one about the Dragon King. I mean a literal Dragon King. A man who shifts into a dragon, and the two women competing to be his mate. It was one of those dreams where you wake up and when you go back to sleep, it continues. I’d never had those before. This dream was an entire universe, where the Dragon King, now widowed, is fighting to raise his five children alone, even while his kingdom was under assault from another fantastical kingdom. Flying monkeys in that one, I believe. (Clearly, my psyche and I need to have a conversation about plagiarism.) But it was kind of an amazing dream, complete with me flying and everything. My POV was one of the women vying for his attention, (And boy, did I want his attention. Think Matt Bomer.), and my daughter was the other. I didn’t win the competition, and I remember waking up and one point and saying to her, “You win.” She looked at me like I had two heads. I pretty much felt like I did.

Another dream was about a haunted house, and this one will definitely be included in one of the ‘A Reason to Believe’ sequels. I won’t go into detail, because I want it to be a surprise, but this was one scary place. I don’t like horror films, and I really hate ghosts that jump into frame and scream…. shudders. This one is less horror and more the sort of strange and beautiful ghost story the Japanese excel at. Just remembering it makes goose bumps break out across my shoulders.

My sister asked me once where my ideas for my books come from. I told her they’re just there, in my head. The ideas are there, all right, but it took morphine to open the little door in my head and let the flying monkeys out.

Ah, better living through chemicals!

~ Diana Copland

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  1. I loved A Reason to Believe on audio so I would welcome a sequel! don’t feel bad for your inspirations coming from moments of being drugged up, LOL. Mick Jagger often got his inspiration during those moments too.

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