Prancer & Gruff by Jade Crystal ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

Prancer-and-Gruff-Crystal-Jutoh Title: Prancer & Gruff

Author: Jade Crystal

Publisher: M/M Romance Group

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


A cowboy stands alone in a grassy field, a saddle dangling from his grip by the saddle horn. He stands comfortably, feet apart and shoulders wide. He is looking down, his dark hat obscuring his face and throwing shadows over one shoulder. He is bare-chested, sporting an impressive upper body physique; he is wearing only belted jeans and boots. A river, some brush, and a wooden fence can be seen in the distance.

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Dear Author,

Being a cowboy is the only life I’ve ever known and I wouldn’t change that for anything. Running the ranch keeps me too busy to be lonely but at night, when I’m lying in bed waiting for exhaustion to take me, I can admit I wish there was someone there beside me. Then you pranced into my life in response to a housekeeper wanted ad I posted online. You are nothing I expected and everything I need. My opposite in every way, your softness to my strength, your sass to my gruff, and yet we just fit. I’m stubborn and set in my ways, but I know I can be your happy ever after if you give me a chance. How do I convince you to be mine?



Brandilyn’s View:

I have been reading many of the stories that were written as part of the Goodreads’ M/M Romance groups Don’t Read in the Closet even for 2014, Love’s Landscapes. I actually have a story in the collection (no I didn’t write it, I wrote the prompt for it) that I need to review for you at some point. However, author Jade Crystal asked us to review Prancer & Gruff. While we don’t have time to review all 200+ stories in the collection, ask, and you shall receive.

So I read Prancer & Gruff a few days ago. As such many of the details will likely escape me, but overall I enjoyed this story. I liked Troy, aka Prancer, because he was who he was. He talked to cleaning supplies and was happy with his life. Yes, he has a bit of a secret kink, but even that he embraces for what it is. Gruff is a typical macho cowboy, with the exception of being out and mostly proud.

The setup itself takes some suspension of disbelief on the readers part, but if you can get past that, Prancer & Gruff is a fun story of insta-lust, opposites attracting, and pretty lacy things.

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