Spokes by PD Singer ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

Spokes Title: Spokes

Author: PD Singer

Publisher: Rocky Ridge

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Pro cyclist Luca Biondi lives for the race. For the star of Team Antano-Clark, victory lies within his grasp—if he can outdistance 200 other hopefuls, avoid suspicion from race officials, and keep his lieutenant more friend than foe. Luca also has secrets, and eyes for amateur cyclist and journalist Christopher Nye.

Christopher understands Luca’s need to keep their relationship under wraps, but chafes at hiding in the shadows of his lover’s career. He’s ready to cheer Luca’s victories, but he knows too well how triumph can turn to tears. While Christopher’s heart sees Luca the man, his inner journalist—and his editor—sees the cycling world’s biggest scoop.

From the jagged curves of the Colorado Rockies to the viciously steep Belgian hills, Luca can ride out any bumps—except rumors about his loyalty.

A few words in the wrong ear could crash everything. With miles between them, hints of scandal, and Luca’s fierce need to guard his reputation, a journalist might have to let go of the biggest story of his career or risk forcing his lover to abandon the race. Christopher and Luca face a path more treacherous than any road to the summit in the Italian Alps.

Brandilyn’s View:

When I was at about the 25% mark of Spokes by PD Singer, I considered putting the book aside. I took it off my iPad and decide to move on to another title. Then I looked around and realized I didn’t have anything else I wanted to read more at that moment, so I loaded it back up and resumed reading… and I didn’t stop until I was done.

First lets talk about why I almost DNFed this title. There were two things that grated on me. First was the intense cycling terminology and action scenes. I am not a cyclist, and I have never watched cycling on TV. I often found myself lost in the terminology. The second thing that made me almost put the book aside was the choppy prose. Singer did a fabulous job with Luka’s broken English, but I often found his speaking style carrying over into the prose, which was completely from Christopher’s perspective in third person. Finally, I often found myself having to re-read scenes to get straight exactly what was happening. Singer often leaves to the readers imagination important aspects of scenes and/or uses bits of prose or dialogue that was referenced, in a minor way, pages before. Thus, forcing me to re-read some scenes repeatedly or move on lost. I don’t like to be wrong footed with otherwise simple prose.

Once I got used to the author’s style; however, I was sucked completely into the story. I appreciated the what I thought was going to be the main conflict wasn’t. I appreciated that neither man hid from their feelings when it counted while still maintaining protection for the other. I found Luka and Christopher’s relationship to be adult and intriguing in equal measure. Neither men had huge horrors in their past to make them who they were at that moment. They had lived their lives and had normal human faults. Together, however, they transcended the normal, which some people might read as mundane, to make the reader love them as individuals and together.

Spokes was first recommended to me when I declared my reading rut on Facebook. For me, this is just the kind of story that can pull me from a reading rut without pulling me out of my comfort zone.

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I would like to thank the author for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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