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Join us as Sue Brown goes Outside the Margins.


I’m currently sitting across from gorgeous K.C. Wells, as she plans someone’s promotion and I proof Hissed as a Newt. Yesterday, she took me to a café and we swigged coffee, chatted occasionally and wrote, with this view for inspiration. Yes, I’m back on my favourite island, the Isle of Wight.


I can honestly say that if I had the chance, I would move here all summer to write. I managed two thousand words without an effort whereas recently it’s been like pulling teeth just to get one good paragraph down.

Home-life is a tad stressed at the moment and naturally that has an impact on creativity, not good when it’s your sole source of income. However, because K.C. has a generous heart, she’s nagged me all summer to come down and have a few days as a writing retreat. Yes, yes, I should have listened sooner. Oh, it’s glorious being down here, writing with the sound of the sea in my ears and a warm sea breeze ruffling my hair.

This is a working week rather than a holiday. Hush, what do you mean you saw me with a glass of wine in my hand. Wicked rumours I tell you. But I have a feeling the words just might roll a little easier this week with glorious views to stare at.


I will report back with my progress, or even better, a completed book.

Yours, with love,

Sue Brown xx

Hissed as a Newt (#2 in the With A Kick series)


A drunk clown rolling around in the gutter is not what David Wright expects to find as he walks to With A Kick, his favourite ice-cream shop. David has had a lousy day. A literary agent has crushed his dreams and all he wants is the consolation of alcoholic ice-cream. He’s about to walk away when he realises the clown has been dumped by his boyfriend. On a whim, David takes the clown into With A Kick before he gets arrested. Underneath the smeared make-up, he meets Stan, who has just discovered his boyfriend and best friend getting more than friendly. Over ice-cream, David and Stan discuss their problems and discover maybe they can help each other.


As he turned the corner into Covent Garden he noticed a small crowd had gathered, obstructing his path to alcoholic heaven. He huffed as he negotiated the kids and parents, and the tourists with their cameras snapping incessant shots. A large crowd had gathered in one corner and he expected to see a street performer juggling or miming—or whatever crap they called art. It was indeed a street performer but the bloke was rolling around in the road, flailing his arms and mumbling to himself. David’s lip curled as he realised the clown was drunk; absolutely paralytic in fact. Lucky bugger!

“It’s a strange show, Vera,” an old man standing next to David commented to his wife.

She sniffed in agreement. “Nothing like our day, Bert. They were true artistes.”

The couple moved away, the woman still complaining.

The man in the road rolled over and vomited. A groan of disgust rippled over the crowd and they moved away en masse.

David was about to do the same when he caught the man’s words.

“I loved you, you fucking bastard. I loved you and you cheated on me.”

Bastard, not bitch. Huh.

Cursing his impulsive nature, David knelt by the man, careful to avoid the puke. “Are you all right?”

The man mumbled incoherently. His makeup was smeared, and David realised he’d been crying. At the moment he looked more like an Allison Schulnik painting than a clown.

“You really need to get out of the road, man.”

“Leave me in the gutter.”

Oh Jesus, a drama queen.  “Listen mate, you can stay here if you want but you’re liable to be nicked. Why don’t you get up and come with me? I want to drown my sorrows. We can cry on each other’s shoulder.”

The clown opened one eye. It would have been a pretty blue eye if it hadn’t been so bloodshot. “A drink?”

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?”

“Probably.” With David’s help the clown sat up and clutched his stomach. “Definitely. I’m going to puke.”

Make sure you catch up with the first book in the series: A Twist and Two Balls by Clare London.


About the Author

Sue Brown is owned by her dog and two children. When she isn’t following their orders, she can be found plotting at her laptop. In fact she hides so she can plot, and has become at ignoring the orders.

Sue discovered M/M erotica at the time she woke up to find two men kissing on her favorite television series. The series was boring; the kissing was not. She may be late to the party, but she’s made up for it since, writing fan fiction until she was brave enough to venture out into the world of original fiction.

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~ Sue Brown

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