Vessel by Mickie B Ashling ~ Book Review by Caroline

I can imagine readers either loving or hating this book…I loved it!

12669639 Title: Vessel

Author: Mickie B Ashling

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Sequel to Cutting Cords

Five years into their relationship, Sloan Driscoll’s peaceful existence is suddenly upended. His lover, Cole Fujiwara, gives him an ultimatum: agree to a surrogate birth or break up. Noriko Evans, a beautiful woman of Japanese/American descent, is handpicked by Cole’s father to be the surrogate. At the same time, Trent Hamilton, model and established Dominant, sets his eyes on Sloan, offering him another life choice.

Sloan is thrown off balance by this series of events he can neither understand nor control. He’d thought the topic of children had been laid to rest years ago, but with the advent of a new form of genetic testing, Cole’s fear of passing on retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that leads to blindness, has been greatly reduced. Noriko’s abrupt appearance threatens Sloan, as does Sloan’s attraction to Trent and a side of the BDSM world he’d never thought to explore.

Will Sloan be able to muster the inner strength he’ll need to deal with one shocking revelation after another, or will he succumb to a dangerous coping mechanism? His decisions will either lead to salvation… or hasten the end of the relationship that literally saved his life.

Caroline’s View:

Just as Mickie didn’t gloss over uncomfortable facts in book 1 this book bucks the trend for a simple HEA. It took me through a whole series of emotions that I wasn’t expecting purely because I didn’t get the story I was expecting.

Five years on and for all appearances Sloan and Cole have got the perfect relationship they fought so hard for.

Cole finally lost his sight about a year ago but is coping well. Sloan continued on with the modelling career he was initially so afraid of and is now wealthy and successful. His body issues still hover in the background but with the love and support he has received from his partner his cutting has been nearly nonexistent and only raises its head in extremely stressful situations.

The start of the book kind of drags you into a false sense of security where the two men are concerned but then the proverbial rug gets well and truly yanked out from under your feet.

Cole wants to be a father but even more importantly Cole’s father wants a grandson and nothing, and I do mean nothing, will stand in the way of either man getting what he wants. With improved testing for genetic conditions now available the Fujiwara men are on a mission and it seems Sloan or Sloan’s opinion are completely irrelevant!

The subsequent pregnancy has catastrophic implications on Sloan and Cole’s relationship and it is almost as though Cole turns into a different person. Just as things start to fall apart Trent appears on the scene. He is a hard ass Dom with a huge soft spot for Sloan and pursues him relentlessly.

I think this book may have been a first for me! I can’t remember another book that has had an established couple that you are rooting for where one of them turns into a completely unrecognisable person. When Sloan first met Trent my mind was chanting ‘no, no don’t do it! You belong to Cole’ but as the story progresses I couldn’t condone the way Cole behaved and found myself feeling let down by him and extremely angry. Suddenly I was Team Trent!

Sloan is quite vulnerable in this book but at the same time much stronger than Cole. He may have become a successful model but his old crutch is never too far away and he is still plagued by doubts. Trent seems to recognise that in him immediately and his second try at learning more about the BDSM world is far more successful. As much as Trent tries to ground Sloan, Cole is forever in the background with more and more unreasonable requests.

Well done Mickie Ashling for giving us a fantastic book and daring to take the story where you did!

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Thanks for this great review, Caroline. As you said in the beginning of your post, people either love or hate this book. I’m happy you’re one who enjoyed it!

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