Watch Me (Break You) by Avril Ashton ~ Book Review by Caroline

23002894 Title: Watch Me (Break You)

Author: Avril Ashton

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


Here comes trouble…

Men. Women. Drugs. Dima Zhirkov’s favorite things. Add in the element of danger and he should be right as rain. But not today. It’s not working, hasn’t for a long time. He’s grasping at the flimsiest of straws to prove he’s indeed strong enough to run his streets. Until he sets eyes on him. In the midst of a room full of strangers, Dima is drawn to a man as cold and dangerous as he’s beautiful. Captivated, Dima embarks on a ruthless campaign to get his new toy into bed.

Here comes the danger…

Xavier “X” Storm is content to pull the strings while someone else handles the day to day dealings of his gang, The Rude Boys. He’s after what Dima holds closest—the Coney Island streets. He contracts out the job of killing the Russian, except Dima isn’t that easy to kill. When he suddenly shows up in X’s path, tempting him to indulge in the dirtiest play, he finds Dima isn’t all that easy to shake, either. His cocky attitude and rough submission tempts X to go where he’d vowed to never return, and they plunge head first into an affair fueled by possessive obsession.

Run for cover

Sex and pain Dima can handle, and X delivers the most depraved kind. Their connection is explosive, their games addictive, but Dima can end it whenever he wishes. He doesn’t see that X is breaking him down, giving Dima everything he wants and even more than he ever thought to need. By the time he realizes who X is and what he wants, Dima is raw and bullet riddled. It’s run or fight. And Dima doesn’t back down. Neither does X.

Warning: Includes strong BDSM elements.(less)

Caroline’s View:

Avril Ashton has taken 2 sadistic, cold, brutal men who run the streets, sell drugs, pimp prostitutes and would kill you as easily as look at you and make you fall in love with them – all within 156 pages! From the first chapter to the last I couldn’t put it down. If I had balls it would have grabbed me by them and given them a twist for good measure!

Dimi Zhirkhov is out of control. Heading up the family business, a business that he never wanted, his life is a run of drugs, alcohol, women and violence. He trusts very few and someone wants him dead. He is holding on but only just! When an ex recommends a club he figures he has nothing to lose and when he arrives he spies a Dom that he knows he just to have. So begins the stalking until he can get his new ‘toy’ to agree to play.

Xavier Storm, known as X, is a hard BDSM player who rarely lets his emotions surface. He is the brains behind The Rude Boys which is in direct competition with Dima’s Russian outfit. His two worlds are about to collide when the man he has just put out a hit on turns out to be the man he can’t stay away from and who seems determined to get him into bed.

All of a sudden X is drowning in emotion and realises not only can he not have Dima killed but he would actually protect him from anyone else crazy enough to come after him. He holds all the cards in this relationship to begin with as he knows who Dima really is. Dima is completely oblivious that the man he has been chasing down is his sworn enemy.

If you like a fast paced story this is for you. You just know right from the start that this is not going to end well. Two men who should hate each other and that are sworn enemies living in a brutal world do not good lovers make. Let’s get onto the loving – it’s dirty, naughty, and extreme and hot as hell! Dima likes pain, a lot of pain and X is more than willing to provide it. If that’s not your thing well don’t say you weren’t warned!

I loved the interaction between Dima and X and the way they both needed and gave so much of each other. All the way through I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and couldn’t figure out at all how Ms Ashton would wind it up. I am soooooo glad this is Book 1 as there is undoubtedly so much more to come and we need to know more about Is and Reggie!

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Great review! I read this one over the weekend and loved it. Can’t wait for more of Is and Reggie too. I also love Avril’s Brooklyn Sinners series where it all began.

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