A Collar For Christmas by AE Lawless ~ Book Review by Caroline

18806544 Title: A Collar For Christmas

Author: AE Lawless

Publisher: Loose Id

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


For actor Liam, anxiety and panic attacks are old friends, but they only get worse the more famous he gets. Nothing has ever worked to help him control the anxiety until his costar, Aaron, introduces him to bondage. Too bad Liam develops feelings for Aaron and ruins the only solution he’s ever found for his neuroses.

Aaron only wants to keep history from repeating itself. He’s already had one costar spin out of control, resulting in her tragic death, he can’t just sit idly by and watch another friend and colleague destroy himself from the inside out. He’ll do anything to keep that from happening–even enter into a non-sexual BDSM arrangement with him.

What starts out as a way to control Liam’s anxiety becomes so much more. At least for Liam. So, tired of pretending he doesn’t want Aaron in his life for good, Liam decides to give him the perfect Christmas gift. The kind that will show Aaron exactly what Liam wants from their relationship: the collar he’s been dreaming of Aaron putting on him for months.

Caroline’s View:

If you are a fan of an angst driven novel then this little treasure may well be for you!

Liam has suffered with his anxiety and debilitating panic attacks for years. Therapy hasn’t cured him and now that he is starring in a TV drama he finds himself crippled some days with overwhelming fear. It is in the midst of one of these panic attacks, that has left him sobbing and shaking on the floor of his trailer, that his best friend and co-star Aaron finds him.

As Aaron tries to calm him and talk him down they discover purely by accident that that the tighter Aaron holds onto Liam, particularly his wrists and arms, the more settled he becomes. This revelation leads them to try out various things to do with the BDSM lifestyle over the next few years.

These experiments show Liam calms best when bound and held, it puts him into sub space where he can clear his mind and calm himself down. They have a code with each other that allows Liam to let Aaron know what he wants and Aaron selflessly provides this for his friend.

On the back of this Liam falls for Aaron and finds himself wanting Aaron to dominate him in other ways. His struggle with his feelings leads him to buy a collar which remains hidden in the drawer and is more of a dream than a reality until in a moment of bravery he gives it to Aaron as a Christmas gift. His brash decision along with an explanation of his desires does not go as planned and both men are left confused.

Home for Christmas with his family Liam has to work through his feelings and he seems to draw strength from within as a new method of coping. He also realises just how much Aaron has helped him over the years and much stronger he has become. Aaron has had his world rocked by Liam’s revelation and has to be honest about his past if he is to stand a chance of obtaining his future.

The dynamic between Liam and Aaron is really well done and they draw you in immediately and keep you with them until the last page.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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