Bolt Hole by Amy Lane ~ Audiobook Review by Caroline

17456421 Title: Bolt Hole

Author: Amy Lane

Narrator: Nick J Russo

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Story Rating: 4.0 of 5 Stars
Narration Rating: 4.0 of 5 Stars
Overall Rating: 4.0 of 5 Stars


Terrell Washington’s childhood was a trifecta of suck: being black, gay, and poor in America has no upside. Terrell climbed his way out of the hood only to hit a glass ceiling and stop, frozen, a chain restaurant bartender with a journalism degree. His one bright spot is Colby Meyers, a coworker who has no fear, no inhibitions, and sees no boundaries. Terrell and Colby spend their summers at the river and their breaks on the back dock of Papiano’s. As terrified as Terrell is of coming out, he’s helpless to stay away from Colby’s magnetic smile and contagious laughter.

But Colby is out of college now, and he has grand plans for the future—plans Terrell is sure will leave his scrawny black ass in the Sacramento dust until a breathless moment stolen from the chaos of the restaurant tells Terrell he might be wrong. When the moment is shattered by a mystery and an act of violence, Terrell and Colby are left with two puzzles: who killed their scumbag manager, and how to fit their own lives—the black and the white of them—into a single shining tomorrow.

My View – Story:

For an Amy Lane book to sit on my TBR shelf for as long as this did is very unusual. I’m not even sure why that was but when I saw it as an audio book I jumped at the chance to review it.

If I am honest this was not the book I was expecting at all. I thought I was going to get an angsty romance when in fact this is very much deeper than that. There is also a murder to be solved but I have to admit that very much took a back seat in the story for me.

Terell is quite a complex and sad character who has been beaten down by life in general. His upbringing, poverty, race, sexuality and life experiences have gradually chipped away at his self confidence and his overall outlook. He bucked the trend of his community, turned his back on a life of crime and took pride in studying hard and getting the best education available but still people only saw what was on the outside. In a lot of ways he was very jaded for his age but in others he was so innocent that I was never sure what I was getting with him.

Colby is white, middle class and has recently graduated. Although younger than Terell for most of the story he gives the impression of being older. He is more relaxed in his skin, he has led an easier life, people have accepted him more and his confidence hasn’t been damaged by life experiences. He was like a ray of sunshine coming into Terells life but also like a huge storm that is going to blow in and make things more difficult.

They have spent a year becoming friends and spending snatched breaks in their jobs together. Colby had a definite plan with the time he was using to get to know Terell but Terell’s naivety led him to believe he was just gaining a friend. Their relationship moves slowly hampered by Terell’s fear of his sexuality which is also tied up in how he feels a black man should act and what his family expects. His innocence in anything sexual was almost heartbreaking at times but then a fierceness would creep up and he would open himself up even just for a short time.

This is much more than just a coming out story but more a story of reconciling every facet of yourself into who you really are. It was a struggle and the fear held by Terell was very real. Colby was strong, calm and loving and slowly coaxes Terell to be himself. Another great one Ms Lane!

My View – Narration:

Nick J Russon made listening to this book for 8 hours extremely enjoyable. He had the perfect blend of voice for both the characters and I would certainly listen to him again.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the audiobook of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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