Event Wrapup ~ GRL Summary by Brandilyn with Giveaway #TeamPrismGRL


So I left Tuesday early afternoon for GRL.  That was an adventure, but I think I already covered it… However, once I got to the hotel uploading pics and trying to string together 2 sentences for a blog post became a bit of a challenge… one technological and one mental.  So I gave up posting from GRL.  I actually didn’t take very many photos this week either.

Tuesday – Arrival

I think I have covered most of this already, but my plane was insanely late (okay maybe not insanely… but a couple of hours).  We were (I was traveling with Becky) met at the airport by William Cooper and JP Barnaby who had graciously agreed to pick me up from the airport.

IMG_3944It was a cold (for this Texan) and rainy night, but once we got to the hotel two of the first people I saw were PizzyGirl and Diana Copland.  We ended up having a great dinner with a great group that included Diana, JP, William, Brandon Witt, PizzyGirl, Becky and more.


Wednesday – Hellos & Writer’s Workshop

I finally made it to check in for the conference on Wednesday morning (after a not so great breakfast with awesome company: Angel Martinez, Toni Griffin, Becky Condit, and Sylvia violet).  I am sure you have heard by now it is over a 1/2 mile trek between the hotel and the conference center… and I stayed on the far side of the hotel near the end of a hall… yeah I got a LOT of walking in.  I actually didn’t manage to make the trek completely too many times on Wednesday because I kept being stopped in the hallway going one direction or the other and turning around.


Myself and Brandon Witt


Myself and Catherine Dare


Myself and BG Thomas

There were a lot of people were showing up throughout the day. At some point I stop taking pictures and just enjoyed my time.

Lunch was with umm.. I may be mixing things up… I think lunch was with Chris Cox, PizzyGirl, Archie’s Voice, and CJ Anthony.  Great conversation and a relaxing meal.


Wednesday afternoon I was on my first ever panel.  I thought I would be a nervous wreck, but since it was a subject I know, I wasn’t.  I don’t have any still shots from the panel.  You will get to read a lot of what we covered with I make an appearance later this week on umm.. A blog whose name i will remember in a minute talking about a lot of the same topics.   We had a great audience that kept the questions coming!


Wednesday was pretty busy, I had a reception I had to go to with the other Featured Bloggers and the publishers.  Thanks Reese for setting that up!  I am horrible at having to “mingle” but I think I did okay.  I at least didn’t embarrass myself or the blog.  After that I had to run off to setup the table in the swag room.  Christine, Lirtle, and PizzyGirl did a fabulous job

IMG_3985 IMG_3986I didn’t come home with much swag leftover…

Dinner was Chicago Pizza in the lobby with Brigham Vaughn, Christine, and Pizzy Girl.  OMG so good!  Followed by just hanging out.


Thursday – Supporting Author Signing

So.. Thursday started off with the Supporting Author Signing.  I was there.  I got to meet a few authors I didn’t already know!  Like the delightful Sherrie Henry, whose Last Summer of the Tomatoes and Two Red Leaves I recently reviewed and adored.   It was a fun crazy time.

IMG_3998I also got to meet and talk to a lot of readers.  That was a blast!  One of my favorite parts.  Sadly, no pictures of that. But I did get a picture with the fabulous Zathyn Priest 🙂 (yes many of the authors made me feel overly tall… just saying)


Myself and Zathyn Priest

Friday – Stuff and Things

Friday I abandoned my favorite shoes in favor of my oh so comfortable flip flops.  With all that walking, I needed comfort.

I made it to one of the author lounge mini-signing/meet and greet things.  I wasn’t there terribly long, but I did have 1 fangirl moment… but it is hard to fangirl when you have no voice and are in a loud room.  I was so excited to get to meet Kaje Harper and tell her in person just how much I loved her Hidden Wolves series (book 3 here).  I hope I didn’t scare her too much!  Oh! and she gave me a bit of a teaser for the next one… so excited for that one.  I love how she is handling that series.   It is just perfect.

I ended up going off-campus for dinner that night with a small group of friends.  I had hit a bit of a wall and needed to regroup.  I don’t have a picture, but I know there is one floating around facebook somewhere.

Friday was kind of a laid back day.  Of course I ended it hanging out in the lobby with friends new and old.


Late night hanging in the Lobby with Brandon Witt, Terri Culverwell, William Cooper, Diana Copland, Catherine Dare, PizzyGirl, and a Reader by the name of Elayne

Saturday – Featured Author Signing and more

Saturday was a bit more frenzied.  The morning was breakout sessions and the afternoon was full of the Featured Author signing… which was a BLAST, but loud and tiring… and I wasn’t even an author.  I did get a few personal books signed, but mostly I .. you guessed it.. hung out and talked with people.

I actually got roped into moderating a panel at the last minute (yes, without a voice).  I don’t have a picture, but I had the pleasure of moderating a panel which included Toni Griffin, Angel Martinez, and Lori Toland.  It was fabulous and thank you to the panelist and the crowd for putting up with my lack of voice (and thank you to Lori you stocked me with cough drops).  I heard that Brandon Witt brought the crowd to tears in his reading that was at the same time.  He read my favorite scene from his latest Then the Stars Fall.  I am sad I missed it, but Catherine recorded it for me!  So I will watch it as soon as I can.  The one reading I DID attend was the first one of the day with JP Barnaby reading a hot as hell scene from Vinny, Pornstar.


Lunch with Anna Zabo, Catherine Dare, and Paisley

We did a copy of both of the GRL author collections signed to give away on the blog at a later date (I was always thinking of you, my readers)…

Here is a picture of three of my favorite people: Catherine Dare, Edmond Manning, and Brandon Witt.  I took it with my phone because Mr. Witt’s phone was out of space (too much porn, I think.. though he claims just too many pictures at GRL)

IMG_4039I had a quiet dinner with a couple of good friends and then came back to get ready for the costume party.  I wasn’t there long (again, large, loud crowds and no voice don’t mix).  I went with a group all in Harry Potter themed costumes.  I was a Ravenclaw student.  There are a few pics floating around, but none from my phone.

Sunday – Goodbyes

#TeamPrismGRL – Paisley, Lirtle, Me, PizzyGirl, Christine

Sunday was hard, but it was time.  I needed to hug my kids. I needed to sleep in my own bed.  Can’t wait to see everyone next year in San Diego!


I would like to thank a few people by name.  I loved everyone I met and can’t wait to see you again.  I didn’t want to name names, because I didn’t want anyone to feel left out.  I am a straight shooter, if you think I like you, it is because I do.  If you think I was happy to see you, it is because I was.  If you came up to me at said hi, but I had a glazed look, it was because I was tired as fuck, but I was still so happy to meet, hug, shake hands with, talk with, etc… you.

However, I have a few people that stood out for various reason.

Reese Dante and all the Organizers – You guys have worked so hard to give us a place to meet and be ourselves for a few days without fear of judgement or persecution.  You give us a chance to meet those we interact with on a daily basis, and whose words we fall in love with time and again.  Reese you get a special thanks for all you did for the blogging community and the featured bloggers.  You made this GRL truly special.  I look forward to seeing you all in San Diego.

All the members of #TeamPrism – you have been great in the run up to GRL and during GRL.  For the posts, the support, and the donations to the raffle.  Also for the hugs and for putting up with me.  You are welcome on my blog anytime, just ask.

Andy – my partner in 3 year old cuteness crime.  I hope you got a huge hug from Li’l Q when you got home!  Great conversation and great hugs!

William – just for being you, and for being a great pillow 🙂 Loved meeting you, finally.  Can’t wait to shred… err beta your next one 😉

Nicole – For forcing me to take care of myself!  You know what you did.  I can’t wait to see you again 🙂

Brandon, Ethan, Cath & Diana – Oh Sweetnesses, I don’t think I need to say anything.  I think the four of you already know how special meeting you in person, finally, made GRL for me.

Becky – the best roommate and travel buddy ever.  I will miss you next year, but I trust that you will pass the torch to Cath with grace.

Eileen – You rescued me when I needed it and got the word to the people that needed to know.  Thank you so much, darlin.

Trish – Sweetie, again, I have no words.  You are awesome.  Thank you for rescuing me when I needed it, for being there with hugs, and just being a friend.  Oh and for being a taxi service, storage facility, and a shipping company in one.  But the latter is not why I love you.

Christine, PizzyGirl, Lirtle, and Paisley – I have been to 3 cons this year, but this was the first with part of my team around me.  That made it all the more special.  Not just because you guys helped with the manual labor and the legwork, but just your support, smiles, and hugs.  For the first con I didn’t have to be “on” and be “Prism” all the time.  If I needed a breath, I could take one because I knew you had it covered.  Thank you guys for everything you have given me this year and for being part of this crazy ride!

I know there are a LOT of people that are saying “but she didn’t mention me.”  I love you all and don’t have enough space to mention everyone that made GRL special.  Even as I type this more and more names are popping into my head.  As I said, if you think I was happy to see you, it is because I was.  If I tried to name everyone I would leave someone out and feel guilty and … and… and… you know how it goes.  Every handshake, hug, conversation, meal, etc was special to me.

Saying Goodbye to Chicago
Oh and in case your wondering here is today’s t-shirt 😉
So in conclusion… I loved every minute of GRL, even the not so great ones, because I had people around me to show me what friendship really means.  I am not an emotional person, but thank you to everyone at GRL and everyone who reads this blog for making this week so incredibly awesome.

For those of you entering the giveaway through the blog and social media… all comments made this week will be entered into the giveaway.  I will draw winners on Sunday.  I had such an awesome response from authors that I had to ship a LOT of the prizes back.  What doesn’t go in this giveaway will be used through out the year for other giveaways.  So even if you didn’t make GRL, I will be bringing pieces of GRL to you thanks to the awesomeness of the authors in this genre.

Much Love and thank you for reading!

#TeamPrism Raffle

The winner of the Team Prism Raffle was Mary Grzesik.  She was so excited.  I meant to get a picture of her with the team, but it didn’t work out.

We raised $422 for The Center on Halsted in Chicago, IL.  Here is the donation:

Center on Halsted Donation

#TeamPrismGRL Giveaway

Note: Books pictured represent the authors graciously donating titles to the giveaway.  They do not necessarily represent the title(s) you will receive.  Each pack will have 1 or 2 signed books from one or more attending Authors.

Note: Books pictured represent the authors graciously donating titles to the giveaway. They do not necessarily represent the title(s) you will receive. Each pack will have 1 or 2 signed books from one or more attending Authors.

Five random commenters on the #TeamPrismGRL posts the week of GRL will win (and the following week). You can comment on any of all of the following during GRL week (13-20 October) to enter. The more you comment to more entries you have.

      • #TeamPrismGRL tagged Blog posts (That includes THIS post)
      • #TeamPrismGRL tagged Facebook posts by Prism Reviewers during GRL (14-19 October)
      • #TeamPrismGRL tagged posts on Prism Book Alliance Fan Page
      • #TeamPrismGRL tagged Tweets (note you must include #TeamPrismGRL in your tweet to be eligible)

Five winners will each get a #TeamPrismGRL Prize pack that includes:

    • 1 or 2 signed copies of M/M Titles (titles and authors TBD)
    • Prism Book Alliance Totebag
    • RainbowCon/RT/GRL swag pack
    • $10 Amazon or iTunes Gift Card.

And just in case you haven’t had enough GRL pics here are a few more from various parts of the week (seriously I forgot to take pictures most of the time, so don’t be offended if you aren’t in here)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Farewell Giveaway
I have a number of paperbacks, most of which are signed, to giveaway. Over the between now (11 Mar 2017) and 31 Mar 2017, every comment on the blog (this post and all other new posts), will be entered to win 1 of these paperbacks. There are also some misc swag items, so there will be a few packs of these to give away as well.

Thank you so much for your support over the last 4 years. Prism will be closing its doors on 1 April 2017. All content will remain available, but no new content will appear after 31 Mar 2017. As such all request forms have been turned off. Again Thank you,

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful post of what sounds like a magical if exhausting four days. I was determined to find a way to join you next year, now it has turned into a case of come hell or high water…

    Thank you for all the details and all the pictures. It’s such fun to put faces to names.

  2. As always – I enjoyed reading this – what a great update. I’m super excited that next year will be in my town, San Diego. I so look forward to meeting everyone!!!!! 🙂

  3. Thanks SO much for sharing your experiences at GRL! It looks like it was an amazing time. I have been living vicariously through everyone’s postings. I hope I can make it to San Diego next year.

  4. Sounds like an incredible time. If I hadn’t been convinced before that I needed to go to a GRL, I am now. It would be great if it made to somewhere close to me geographically soon. 😉 San Diego would be awesome next year, but I’ll have to see.

  5. Thanks for sharing this! It’s lovely! I hope I can to GRL one day. Meanwhile, reading your posts makes one feel like if you are there. Thanks!

  6. You left out that one of the authors – who shall remain nameless, but is writing this post – forgot his reading glasses for the author signing and you had to walk to the ends of the earth and back to get them for him because you’re such wonderful person. ☺️

  7. Thanks for the wonderful post sharing your experience and pix (although the pizza one made me hungry). It was fun following all the posts from GRL.

  8. Wow, what a great summary! There are so many people to thank, but hopefully between all of us, we’ll get most of them in LOL.
    Thank you for everything, Brandilyn!!!

  9. It’s hard to believe that GRL is already over. Thanks so much for the pics and the summary of events. It’s nice to get a little glimpse of what I missed. 🙂

  10. Awesome post Brandilyn! Part of me wishes I was there, part of me sighs in relief as I think I would be terrified! We will see what next year brings!

  11. Really great pictures! You always have fun at the conventions you go to and make it sound so fun (mostly because it was =) ). Thanks for sharing your time at GRL with us!

  12. I had NO IDEA you were taking that picture of me with Zathyn Priest! LOL And honey, we ALL hit that wall at a conference where you have to be ON all the time. Mine came Saturday night. I’m glad I could help. <3

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