I Probably Shouldn’t Have Done That by Edmond Manning ~ Book Review by Christine

This easy-to-read collection of essays is one that I will return to again and again. Whether it’s for a pick me up, a belly laugh, or a lesson I need to re-learn, Edmond Manning’s words will always provide me with what I need to hear.

DoneThatimage Title: I Probably Shouldn’t Have Done That

Author: Edmond Manning

Publisher: Pickwick Ink Publishing

Cover Artist: L.C. Chase

Rating: 5.0 of 5 Stars


Edmond Manning, author of The Lost and Founds series has made a few mistakes in his life. Well, more than a few. But with his characteristic ability to embrace the weird and the wonderful, he prefers to think of them as “experiences.” Why label an adventure a regret if everything works out in the end? Whether getting high from an airplane stranger’s candy, attempting to deceive the DMV with magic, or discovering he might be the central figure in an unfolding teen horror flick, Manning reflects on a lifetime of questionable decisions in this memoir and confessional.

In the essay, Dear Penthouse, Manning ponders the appropriate response to a late-night booty call from an irritating neighbor. The Best New York Sandwich documents his day being homeless in New York City. Soft reflections about The Final Blessing from his father, and thoughts of growing older, are interspersed with odd tales of a family that believes in Moon Recession Birthdays.

Manning leaps from personal lunacy to handling homophobia to sheer wonder at the beauty of everyday people which makes for a giggly, surprising, and occasionally sweet-sad journey through a gay man’s collected tales of a life filled with glorious mistakes.

Christine’s View:

It is always a pleasure to read and recommend Edmond Manning’s books. I have enjoyed immensely the first two books in his King series, King Perry and King Mai, which were absolute treasures of fiction. I Probably Shouldn’t Have Done That is a different offering by Mr. Manning. It is a collection of wonderful essays on life that is the treasure chest itself, full of delicious gems relating his unique experiences with a wide variety of subjects, including family relationships, homophobia, and tackling a day at the DMV, just to name a few.

Mr. Manning’s engaging style invites the reader to come sit down and enjoy a good story. With a homespun, conversational tone that makes us feel as though we are simply sharing a chat with the author, he tells us his tales that range from the hilarious to the heartbreaking, yet they are consistently poignant. Each one has its own unique flavor and nugget of wisdom inside, allowing us to experience something entirely different from the last. As we savor these glorious tidbits of Mr. Manning’s life, he subtly weaves beautiful, gentle life lessons into each, touching on a wealth of varying emotions such as compassion, humility, anger, and fear. Yet all are delicately laced with Mr. Manning’s delightful joie de vivre and are undeniable evidence of his love for others.

I highly recommend this little treasure chest. Pick it up. Start reading. You might find that the voice you hear through Mr. Manning is actually your own, kindly reminding you of something you desperately needed to tell yourself: be brave, be kind, be patient, be human.

Perhaps you shouldn’t have, Edmond Manning, but I am so glad you did!

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5 thoughts on “I Probably Shouldn’t Have Done That by Edmond Manning ~ Book Review by Christine

  1. Yes! You explained it perfectly! It’s like sitting down with him each time you start one of these stories. That’s exactly why I’ve held off finishing it. Because I don’t want those visits to be over.

    • Jaycee, it’s such a lovely collection of Edmond. I have to go back for “fixes” every now and then! Thank you for the lovely comment.

    • Beth, it’s such a sweet, poignant collection of who Edmond truly is. I’d love to hear what you think of it when you’re finished. 🙂

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