Jay Bell talks Something Like Lightning and Love is a Goddamn Mess ~ Exclusive Giveaway, Guest Blog

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Title: Something Like Lightning
Author: Jay Bell
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist: Andreas Bell
Genre/Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult


Never stop running. No matter how often life trips you up, or how many times your enemies knock you down, just get up and keep on moving until you find where you belong.

Kelly Phillips has been out of the closet since he was a young teenager, and thanks to the gay youth group he frequents, he has never been short on friends or lovers. But when you have almost everything, it’s hard not to focus on what’s just out of reach: A best friend, who would be Mr. Right if he wasn’t already Mr. Straight. Or that handsome guy at school, who would be easier to wrangle if not for his angel wings. And then there’s the one who might be a perfect fit, maybe even a soulmate… if only he wasn’t convinced he didn’t need anyone at all. Kelly has always been good at running. Now he must learn to chase, which will not only test his endurance, but the durability of his heart as well.

Something Like Lighting is a new beginning in the Something Like… saga, shifting the focus to a fresh set of characters while also revisiting a familiar face or two.

Love is a Goddamn Mess:

Love is a goddamn mess. Even when it works right—when two people love each other and are honest and open and considerate—love remains a huge clumsy beast that will knock over your favorite things in the middle of the night before accidentally crashing through a window and puking on the hood of your car. And it’s wonderful! It truly is. But it takes patience. I’ve always liked the concept of soulmates, although to me it’s simply a colorful term for two people who are romantically compatible. That doesn’t make it any less special though, because I believe it’s rare for people to be truly compatible. Even if they are, soulmates have their share of problems too. They will still argue or get on each other’s nerves or have doubts. All sorts of things will go wrong, but they’ll also work hard to keep the other person happy, surprise them in little ways, cheer them up at the end of a bad day, and most of all, make sure the other person knows they are loved. That might sound like a lot of relationships. They often begin that way until things turn sour. This raises a question. How do we recognize our soulmate, tell them apart from just another flash in the pan?

Maybe love at first sight is the key. I still remember, crystal clear, the moment I first laid eyes on my future husband. I was at a bar at the time. There was no shortage of good-looking gay guys that night, but when I saw him across the room, I just knew. Not that he was meant for me, or that we’d still be together nearly fifteen years later. I just knew I wanted to talk to this guy really really bad. Because he was handsome? No. He was, don’t get me wrong. As much as I’d like to sexify this story and make it racy, the truth is I just wanted to hear his words and see if I could make him smile. I managed both goals that night. I also scored a phone number and a promise to meet in a few days. When I showed up on our first date, he was napping on a park bench. He wasn’t homeless, but he was a college student, which is nearly the same thing. I took the opportunity to check him out, and to ask myself if I wanted to go on the date or walk away while he was snoozing. Obviously I woke him up, but not with a kiss, because I still wasn’t sure. After an amazing day and evening spent together, and even after that first kiss took place, I still didn’t know. I sure worried about it though. A few dates later, I was still trying to figure out if this was the guy for me. When we parted ways that summer because Andreas had to return home to Germany, I still didn’t know. Nor did I when he returned just to be with me, or even a year later when we moved in together. Obviously I felt pretty sure when we got married, but I later had my doubts, because no relationship consists solely of happy moments. After all this time though, I’ve finally stopped worrying if he’s the right guy for me. Now I worry if I’m the right guy for him, which means I try harder than ever. Maybe that’s when you know you’ve found your soulmate, when you’re more concerned about being the absolute best person you can be, just because you think it will make them happy.

The idea makes me sigh, and not wistfully, because all this relationship stuff sounds like a lot of work. You meet someone and have to weather countless storms, one of which might lead to a tidal wave that drowns any potential. After you drag yourself to shore and catch your breath, you can either remained shipwrecked, or you can put yourself out there and try again. No easy task. I suppose that’s what any epic love story is about. Giving your all, fighting with every last ounce of strength, and sometimes admitting defeat, only to get back up and start the process all over again. That’s difficult for any of us. And yet the brave of heart soldier on, because above all, love is worth it.

If you’re in the mood to read one such story, you can in my latest book, Something Like Lightning. Kelly Phillips goes through a lot trying to find the right guy, but luckily he’s got a strong spirit and a lot of attitude to help see him through. We actually first meet Kelly in Something Like Spring, which I’m giving away a copy of here. In that book, we didn’t get the best impression of him, which is why I felt he deserved a second chance. You can enter to win a copy of Spring (paperback or eBook) by commenting below. While doing so, let me know what you think of soulmates. Is there something to the idea after all?

About the Author:

Jay Bell never gave much thought to Germany until he met a handsome foreign exchange student. At that moment, beer and pretzels became the most important thing in the world. After moving to Germany and getting married, Jay found himself desperate to communicate the feelings of love and alienation that surrounded this decision. He’s been mashing laptop keyboards ever since.

Jay is a Lambda Literary Award winner and a fairly bad dancer. He also thinks that you’re really cool. Seriously.

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38 thoughts on “Jay Bell talks Something Like Lightning and Love is a Goddamn Mess ~ Exclusive Giveaway, Guest Blog

    • I love jay’s sort of bio its so cute! And his books always now how to keep me entertained and on the edge of my chair always! I had read all of them except for hell’s pawn witch i’ll be getting soon definitely and i do think soul mates exist hard to find for sure but once you do it’s all worth it after all it does gets better 🙂

  1. Great post, Jay. I totally agree with you. Love is a mess. 🙂 My husband and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary (been together for 28 years). There have been ups and downs. Times when we could have given up, but we hung in there and we’re still going strong. I like what you said about trying to be the best person you can be, “just because you think that will make them happy”. Wise words. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Hi Jay, I enjoyed your post I like to here stories about how people met their partners. The excerpt was really good please count me in for the giveaway.


  3. I’ve loved all the Something Like series, can’t wait to read this one too. Love the idea of fresh characters, but revisiting some old ones too. ❤️

  4. This is how I read a Jay Bell book.

    “Oh, this person is falling in love. Awwww! Oh no, this person is going through some terrible suffering!”

    *Shuts down Kindle for 2 hours

    *Opens Kindle, starts reading again, worried that the characters are going to suffer some more

    “No! Stop making them miserable! I’m going to stop reading right now. Oh wait, everything is going to be okay. Whew! They are in love and happy, at least at the ending of this book”

    WHAT! There’s another book and they are going to be suffering some more?

    *Goes and buys next book.

  5. I love this post! While intellectually I realize that someone could be happy with any one of a number of people, something about soulmates just resonates with me!

  6. I was so happy to hear about this new tangential “Something Like…” series. The last four were just so good, even if I still feel gut punched by what happened sometimes. I loved your post, Jay. When you talk about Andreas, there is such love there. It makes me sigh and get stupid happy every time, even more than I do with books, which is a lot!

    I am hesitant to say we have soul mates, but do I think you can see someone and feel a connection and have it deepen over a short time inexplicably? Absolutely. Do I think two people can weather any storm and stay together forever? Absolutely. I don’t know if you’re destined to be together, but it doesn’t take anything away from, and may even mean more, that you stay together and grow together and love together by the sheer desire to always have that person in your life, to share all that comes your way, good and bad and in between.

  7. Such a lovely post… I met my ever-patient and loving partner at a bar too. Some 16 years later, I sometimes wonder why is still so kind and patient. I do feel lucky though.
    I love your books Jay! I have all of the Seasons – in all their available formats and I can’t wait for the e-book to appear in my library.

  8. I just re-read Something Like Summer and am ready to move on in the series.

    Jay’s description of soulmates sounds to me like a successful relationship. I want to be a better person to be worthy of my husband. I don’t think of us as soulmates though, more like successful friends and companions

  9. So today after a long but bright day I arrive home to realize that something/someone was missing from my life. I was quite unsure of what it was but then I saw free and felt quite better and when I saw Jay Bell’s name on there I was astonished and said to myself well I mustn’t not take this chance and so no I am here writing in a British tone hoping for the best.

  10. I love your “Something” series but admit to not having read Spring yet. I enjoyed your post and how you met your husband. Looking forward to catching up on this series.

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