Lisa Henry & JA Rock talks Brandon Mills versus the V-Card and The Meaning of Virginity ~ Blog Tour, Exclusive Giveaway, Guest Blog

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Title: Brandon Mills versus the V-Card
Author: Lisa Henry & JA Rock
Publisher: Loose Id
Cover Artist: Dar Albert
Genre/Sub-Genre: Contemporary, M/M Romance


Smart, shy Prescott sophomore Brandon Mills is working hard to overcome his troubled past and be normal. With the help of his friends Mark and Deacon, and his brothers at Phi Sigma Kappa, he’s slowly coming out of his shell. But when he accidentally drenches a freshman in orange soda, he faces something he’s not ready for: a boy crushing on him.

Alex Kekoa pledges Phi Sig because it has everything he wants: a house full of nerds who won’t tease him for being smart, a dog, and Brandon Mills. Brandon is just the type of guy Alex needs to help fulfill his college ambition: losing his virginity. Except Alex doesn’t know that Brandon can’t stand to touch or be touched.

When Alex and Brandon are drafted onto the Phi Sig Academic Challenge team, their mutual attraction grows. If there’s anyone who can help Brandon discover it feels good to touch and kiss, maybe it’s klutzy Alex with his cute glasses and his dinosaur obsession. But as the competition–and their relationship–heats up, Alex’s determination not to die a virgin clashes with Brandon’s vow of lifelong celibacy, forcing them to examine what’s truly important to each of them about love.

Prism recently reviewed Brandon Mills versus the V-Card. You can find the review here.

Hi, we’re Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock, and we’re on tour with our latest release, BRANDON MILLS VERSUS THE V-CARD, available now from Loose Id! BRANDON is #2 in the PRESCOTT COLLEGE series, which started with MARK COOPER VERSUS AMERICA. We’ll be talking about virginity, dinosaurs, college, and more. We’ll also be giving away prizes and sharing blurbs and excerpts.


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So…What Does Being a Virgin Actually Mean?:

In BRANDON MILLS VERSUS THE V-CARD, we knew we wanted to portray first time sex as realistically as possible. With all the awkward. But we also wanted to explore another issue surrounding virginity: How do you know when you’ve lost it? (And does it matter?)

Our culture still tends to define sex as penetrative. And for characters Brandon and Alex’s age, sex probably does equal penetration. They haven’t taken gender studies courses or had extensive intellectual discussions about what sex is or is not. Alex just wants to get laid. And to him, that means a dick in his ass.

But as we wrote, we found that Brandon’s reservations about physical intimacy provided an opportunity to explore the assumptions many of us still hold about sex. Brandon wants to know that, if his psychological baggage makes anal sex impossible, the “other” things he and Alex do—blowjobs, handjobs, dry humping, not-so-dry humping—still count as sex.

Ideally, the “other” things wouldn’t be considered “other.” They’d just be sex. But a lot of us probably grew up with a penis-centric idea of sex–that sex starts when the penis enters the “passive” partner’s body, and ends with ejaculation. But that’s a very limiting, non-inclusive model, and ultimately, we wanted our characters to come to the conclusion that sex is less about what they do, and more about what they feel.

Brandon’s comment about wanting their non penetrative activities to “count” forces Alex, who obsesses over losing his virginity, to think about what “losing it” actually means. If it doesn’t mean dick-inside-him, then has he already lost it? Is it okay if he and Brandon have different definitions of losing it? Does being a virgin or not really matter as much as he thinks? For these two, the journey is in status taking a backseat to intimacy, and labels becoming secondary to what feels right.

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21 thoughts on “Lisa Henry & JA Rock talks Brandon Mills versus the V-Card and The Meaning of Virginity ~ Blog Tour, Exclusive Giveaway, Guest Blog

  1. I just finished this book and I think the authors definitely portrayed a number of realistic firsts for the boys. So nice to see!
    debdeege (at) optonline (dot) net

  2. I love this post! It’s too easy to get caught up in the idea of penetration being the end-all be-all for one thing. The fact that we still focus on the idea of virginity (meaning not having been penetrated) as a component of self-worth is another thing that makes me a little crazy. I am looking forward to seeing how you handle these ideas in the book. aahickmanathotmaildotcom

  3. I can remember when I lost my V although it was Eons ago. I’m curious to see how the author tackled the situation with Brandon not wanting to be touched VS. Alex who wants to have sex. Quite interesting. Tons of success with your new release and thanks for the giveaway.

  4. I have anticipated this book since I read the last page of Mark and Deacon’s story! My favorite line of the post was “we wanted our characters to come to the conclusion that sex is less about what they do, and more about what they feel.” For me, this highlighted the difference between sex and sex with emotion. Thanks for this chance. peachescon[at]gmail[dot]com

  5. Thank you for the interesting post. It’ll be interesting to see how the authors tackled the issue.
    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  6. I was reluctant to see the documentary HOW TO LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY (since various women’s magazines had put their own biased spins on it), but was really impressed at its overall message about how arbitrary the idea of virginity is (there were technical virgins who’d had lots of experience, “experienced” people who hadn’t enjoyed it, and even trans people who felt like virgins all over again in their new bodies), and that there should be nothing to lose but your own preconceptions!

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