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This will be a combination Saturday and Summary post. Hopefully I don’t forget anything! Let’s start with Saturday, shall we? It was more fun readings and the featured author signing, after all, as well as the Time Travel costume party. Here we go!
Team prism grl hashr
I snapped this pic of some of the swag bags and books (um, there would be even more of those LOL) at some point on Saturday before the Time Travel costume party. The bags you see there soon became even more stuffed with… stuff, and books. Books, more books! I know we all love our e-readers (including me, I have no problem saying “I love my kindle” LOL), but there is still something about holding a book, old or new, how it smells, having a writer with whom you made a connection through one of their stories put their stamp on it by signing… contented sigh

Also, even if you didn’t want to buy any books, it was just as fun to slowly peruse the bookseller tables and drool over all of the fabulous covers, as well as saying “yep, I read that one, and that one, and oooh I want to read that one…” 😀

Saturday Swag and Books
The author reading I really wanted to attend included Doug Starr, Brandon Witt and JA Rock. Let me tell you, all three of them were fantastic. I swore at Doug because I was now going to have to buy his book after that. shakes fist LOL A great mix of snark, vulnerability and sweetness. I need to know what happens next!

Brandon about killed us with the beautiful scene he read. Wonderful. It’s so difficult to choose a scene that will make some sense out of context and he picked a sweet and important scene. I also need to know what happens next! LOL He was nervous but made it through just fine. 😉

JA Rock had everyone rolling in the laughter and resulting tears thanks to her extremely humorous reading. More than a few of us were saying she needs to do her own audiobooks.  No joke! I took about a minute of video of that. 😉
Saturday Author Readings
Seriously, how could I not have taken a picture of JA in this shirt?! That’s all I have to say on the matter LOL. 😀
Saturday JA shirt - had to
The featured author signing was most of Saturday afternoon. It was busy, of course, but people were very nice, helping each other take pictures, being patient, etc. I accomplished getting a few more books signed for myself and a couple of friends, and then I came upon this guy down below. He’s, not surprisingly, one of the nicest peeps you will ever meet. We had a blast talking and laughing and just being silly. Christine was my partner most of the time during the signing, so she can attest LOL.
Saturday - Edmond
Continuing with the author signing, the table right next to Edmond’s and Brandon’s was shared by Shira Anthony and Charlie Cochet. Fabulous! Two wonderful women with whom I had fun talking books.

Shira petted the copy of The Melody Thief I took to get signed (I don’t blame her, I love those two guys). We talked books in the Blue Note series and musical instruments and whatever else came to mind.

Charlie and I were dishing on characters from her THIRDS series. That Ash, what are we going to do with you? Apparently we find out about that in the next book coming in a few weeks. LOL 😉

(I warned Charlie that if she senses trouble, it was mostly like that table to her left, aka Edmond and Brandon.)
Saturday Shira, Lirtle, Charlie
So Saturday night. Time Travel. Costume party. Wow! There were a lot of amazing, fun and highly creative costumes! I’m the one rocking the 80’s black satin Duran Duran jacket (#TeamShorts!) on the left, PizzyGirl is our in-house hippie (she wasn’t the only one!), Paisley was a rich Roman trophy wife and Christine was a very dapper flapper. 😀

We had an absolute blast that night. The music was mostly 70’s and 80’s, so we were all singing along (more like screaming sometimes LOL) to the likes of Michael Jackson, Joan Jett, Pat Benetar, Culture Club and so much more. I hadn’t danced for that many hours at once in a veryyyyyyyyyy long time. 😉
Saturday Time Travel - the Minions in Costume
In the pic below, here is what we have:

The pile on the left are the books I bought. I know! Am I crazy?! Don’t answer that LOL

The pile in the middle are the books I took with me to get signed. Success!

The pile to the right are gifts, including the two on the bottom that are anthologies of both the supporting and featured authors that include excerpts and such. Exciting!
Books, books and more books
There are so many people to whom I want to say thank you, whether it be for awesome hugs, snorting laughter, great conversation about reading styles, books and characters, sharing meals, taking ridiculously funny pictures, and any combination of those things, and much more.

I’m gona try though, aight? Ok, ready, set, here we go: My big thanks and hugs to Brandilyn, Christine, Paisley and PizzyGirl. I love that we clicked and connected so quickly and so well. #TeamPrismGRL!!!

To all of the friends who I got to meet in person (finally!!), every one of you were fabulous and I’m so glad we still have these here interwebs we can use in order to talk until we all get together again.

To Katey: book club sistahs!! We’re gonna make it happen.

Becky Condit, I loved meeting you and loved our walk around the neighborhood.

Catherine Dair, you RULE.

To all of the authors, every one of you with whom I was able to spend a bit of time, you were fantabulous. I’m going to see how many names I can type before I run out of memory LOL: Lisa Henry, JA Rock, Jordan L Hawk, Vanessa North, Edmond Manning, Rowan Speedwell, JP Barnaby, Brandon Witt, Julie Bozza, TJ Klune, Charlie Cochet, Shira Anthony, Venona Keyes, Lex Chase, and many more. Thank you.

To the organizers, honestly, I have no idea how you did and do it. Amazing doesn’t even cover it. Thanks to you, I and so many of us were able to meet and spend time with people we’ve known for a long while now and love every minute of it.

On Sunday, as people started to make their way home, there were a lot of goodbye hugs in the lobby of the hotel. Sometimes multiple LOL “Just one more!” These hugs have to tide us over until 2015, after all. 😉

I hope to see you all next year!!!


Much Love and see you Tomorrow!

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Note: Books pictured represent the authors graciously donating titles to the giveaway. They do not necessarily represent the title(s) you will receive. Each pack will have 1 or 2 signed books from one or more attending Authors.

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25 thoughts on “Saturday and Summary ~ Saturday GRL Update by Lirtle with Giveaway #TeamPrismGRL

  1. Thank you for the great post! I definitely need to make it to a GRL one of these years. I may need to save up money for the number of books I’d probably buy while there

    • Omigosh, Jen, I didn’t think I would buy that many at ALL LOL. Doh!
      But some I just could not resist, so they came home with me. 😉
      If you go, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll have a blast and built in buddies with us here at Prism. 😉

    • Debra, no joke, sometimes my face started to hurt LOL. I can remember saying that to Christine at some point during the costume party. 😀
      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the updates. 🙂

  2. Thanks very much for sharing your GRL experiences!! I am SO jealous, wish I could have attended. Next year hopefully.

  3. Hi, you two. 😀
    I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, and thanks so much for checking in each day. I really enjoyed posting this stuff, especially if it’s going to entice you to try and go next year! 😉

  4. Love your wrap up and every time I speak to you girls I get more jealous!! 🙂 I’m so pleased you all had such a fun time.

  5. Thanks for the overview and all the pics. The screen on my phone is way too tiny so I’ll have to look again on my computer after I get home. Y’all sound like the nicest bunch of people! 🙂

  6. Hi everybody! Yeah, that one pic of all of the books? I have no idear how it came out that small LOL. Doh!

    We had such a great time and I loved sharing all of this with you guys. Everyone was just wonderful. The ladies of PBA that were able to attend, my gosh, fantastic, love them, so great LOL. I hope more of us get to meet next year, and that includes you all!

    Books signed… I’m having to look at my shelf LOL: Edmond signed The Butterfly King for me, both Lisa and JA signed When All the World Sleeps, Lisa brought a signed copy of The Island for me, I asked JA to sign Calling the Show (I freakin’ love that book! she did such a humorous reading from that), Shira signed The Melody Thief (loooooooooooooooove), Jordan signed Widdershins, I also took Dark Space and Lisa signed that, Rowan signed Illumination (one of my top ten reads last year), Vanessa brought a signed copy of The Lonely Drop, and I bought a couple more of JA’s books and said she didn’t have to get fancy with the sigs, do whatever she wants LOL

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