Silent Secrets (Preternatural Rescue Centre #6) by Ellen Cross ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Silent Secrets Title: Silent Secrets (Preternatural Rescue Centre #6)

Author: Ellen Cross

Publisher: eXtasy

Cover Artist: Latrisha Waters

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Raised in a world where he has never uttered a single word, Sonny must find his voice.

How did Dante find himself in this mess? First Grant creates a portal that no living being can pass through—leaving Dante as the only one able to cross it—but when Dante does, he finds his mate on the other side, chained to the ground of a building that is seconds from collapsing on top of them both.

Dante only has two choices. Either he leaves his mate, or he takes him back through the portal. Both will result in his mate’s death. Before he can decide, his inner vampire takes over, and helpless to stop it, his beast bleeds his mate’s life away…

Sonny has been a servant his whole life, mute through circumstances of his birth. With no ability to voice what he knows, and never having learned to write, it goes unnoticed that he overhears more than he should.

Left for dead when Sonny’s master flees, death comes calling with glowing red eyes and a deadly set of fangs. Funny thing though, as death swoops in to take his life, Sonny could almost swear that he smells his mate…

PizzyGirl’s View:

I have been looking forward to Dante’s story for a while. I was a little disappointed his mating had to be so rushed, but I was glad that it didn’t mean the love story was rushed.

I love that the mates are small in stature compared to the guardians, but they are the powerhouses in the war. The mates are the ones with the abilities needed to work with Toby and fight against Denzel. The guardians are all muscle, but the mates are running the show.

I was so glad Dante didn’t just jump his mate. I dislike stories where the alpha male just sexually takes charge of the innocent mate. It usually has the feel of father/child incest. But the author did a great job not going there. Mate may be illiterate and has been Denzel’s slave for his whole life, but he isn’t meek or simpering. He is his own man and stands up for himself instead of just letting Dante run the show. I love the guardians and their crazy ways, but I am slowly learning that I love the mates even more. Each new story brings forth another mate with a will of steel who has overcome horrors to be such a strong and worthy person.

Also, in this story the reader learns more about Toby. He is more actively helping the guardians, but there is still a part of me that is weary over whether he is good or not. Only time will tell and I can’t wait for more!

Even with the war escalating and the mates being in need of healing, the author still finds ways to inject humor into the stories. Those poor hummers, and poor Morgan! I hope he gets some relief soon before he loses his favorite appendage. And do I see a future between Shamus and the little sprite?


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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