Stealing Enchantments (Preternatural Rescue Centre #7) by Ellen Cross ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Stealing Enchantments Title: Stealing Enchantments (Preternatural Rescue Centre #7)

Author: Ellen Cross

Publisher: eXtasy

Cover Artist: Latrisha Waters

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Big things really do come in small packages.

Shamus is small…really small, but being a leprechaun, that’s okay. What isn’t small about him though, is his magic. When his father disowns him from not only the family, but also his clan, Shamus knows the resulting upsurge in his magic will eventually burn him out. Instead of concentrating on finding a solution to his problem, his thoughts remain on the most irritating man he has ever met, Zee.
Zee is a water sprite hiding a dark secret, one that led to the death of his only lover. He can’t let anyone in, can’t let anyone close—it isn’t safe. While he has been able to keep his distance from everyone so far, a redheaded leprechaun with a smart mouth and irresistibly shiny toys tests his resolve.
Zee hates Shamus and delights in irritating him, but when the leprechaun goes missing, Zee is going to have to decide if he really hates Shamus after all, or if he is just lying to himself.

PizzyGirl’s View:

Guardian down! Guardian down! Denzel has done it now. His minions have crossed the line and kidnapped a guardian! This war has just gotten more personal. Before, the guardians themselves were influenced by the outcome of Denzel’s actions, but now they are being directly targeted. I can’t wait to see how things escalate in the next books. There are 4 more guardians left to find mates. This leaves plenty of time for the author to give the reader more!

Shamus and Zee’s mating was fun yet intense. They start out acting like school kids. Picking on the one you like. We have all been there so it was cute to watch. But even through the bickering and food fights, there is mystery. What happens when Shamus overloads? Is there a way to prevent this from happening? And why is Zee so scared of everything? And what is he hiding? The author did a great job making me laugh while also keeping me guessing.

And I was not disappointed when my questions were answered. Zee and Shamus are mates, of course.And as such they level each other out. Shamus is immune to Zee’s power and Zee keeps Shamus from self destructing from magical overload. Their mating was fun as well. Zee steps in and saves Shamus by mating him in spirit, but when they mate physically, it is playful, yet HOT.

This was another good read in this series.  Ms. Cross sure does know how to write a series that keeps me interested and wanting more. Each book finds a mate for one guardian, but only moves the series ARC forward enough to answer some questions and raise a few more. I want to know how it all ends. I want to see each guardian safe and happily mated. I love this series!

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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