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Title: Walking in the Rain
Author: TA Chase
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre/Sub-Genre: Contemporary, M/M Romance


Sometimes fate brings us the right person to make our world perfect.

Dayton VanHooren is a United States senator who doesn’t really like his job. He’s been too busy to date, much less pick anyone up for sex. Being openly gay means he doesn’t have to worry about scandal, but he’s looking for something more than a good time.

Mickey O’Leary can barely think, he’s so exhausted. Working three jobs to help pay his brother’s hospital bills keeps him going and helps him forget about how lonely he is. Mickey would like to meet a nice guy who won’t run at the first hint of Mickey’s problems.

A wedding reception and a thunderstorm are catalysts to bring these two men together. What can they do when they discover the perfect man for them but fall in love?

Hello everyone. I’m T.A. Chase and I write M/M romance…in case someone out there didn’t know. Lol. Thank you so much for having me here to promote my newest release at Totally Bound.

Walking in the Rain is book five in the Rags to Riches series. It features Dayton VanHooren, junior US senator from New York, and Mickey O’Leary, a man who is working three jobs to help pay his brother’s medical bills. Mickey is stretched thin from having to find a way to make those payments. Dayton has become disillusioned by politics, wishing he hadn’t run for the seat in the first place.

The first scene of this one takes place at Adrien and Ion’s wedding reception. Adrien and Ion are the main couple in the first two Rags to Riches books, Remove the Empty Spaces and Close the Distance. I chose to do that because a reception is a great place for the seeds of love to be planted.

Also, I wanted to keep the couples entwined throughout the books. I love writing series that feature reoccurring characters, even if they make only small cameos in the other books.

It’s fun to write such strong secondary characters that they start to demand their own stories. Like with the Home series, where there was at least one secondary character that made a strong enough impression on me that I knew their story would be written at some point.

(For those who are wondering, yes…Edward will be getting his own story. It’s scheduled to come out at some point next year as part of a new series from Totally Bound. It’s going to be a spin-off from the Home series, so you’ll be seeing some familiar faces along with new ones.)

I love reading series as well. It’s always fun to check in on favorite characters to see what they’re doing. I’m not picky on whether it’s another book about the same couple or whether it’s a new couple living in the same world. There are just some authors who write characters that stick with you like they’re real and you’d invite them home for coffee.

Writing series is fun, though I do admit that if it gets to a certain number of books, I tend to go a little crazy and get a little bored. That’s why most of my series don’t run much longer than six or seven books. Yes, I know that my International Men of Sports series is at eight books so far. We do plan on writing more, but I needed a short break from that, so we’re working on our own stuff for a couple of months. (Don’t panic. We’ll still be doing some of the other secondary characters that you’ve met…and new sports that need to have stories written about them.)

And though I’ve stopped Rags to Riches at six books so far, who knows? There might be another two or four coming at some point. I’m not promising anything, but I do think there were a couple of characters that could be interesting enough to have their own books written about them.

Thank you for having me here today. I appreciate the opportunity to chat with you. Please check out Walking in the Rain and the other books in the Rags to Riches series if you have a chance.

About the Author:

There is beauty in every kind of love, so why not live a life without boundaries? Experiencing everything the world offers fascinates TA and writing about the things that make each of us unique is how she shares those insights. When not writing, TA’s watching movies, reading and living life to the fullest.

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