The Declaration of Leaping ~ Brandon Witt: Outside the Margins

Join us as Brandon Witt goes Outside the Margins.

Brandon Witt Outside the MarginsYou have dreams when you’re kid, when you’re in high school, when everything seems feasible. There’s no doubt that your dreams will come to you. They’re your destiny. Or you’re their destiny.

Then life happens.
You have to get a job.
You have to bills.
You have to work seventy or more hours a week.
You still can’t pay the bills.
You fall in love.
You lose yourself.
You allow yourself to stay in an abusive relationship.
You heal.
You do it again, a little smarter this time.
Your heart shatters.
People leave.
People die.
Years pass.
You have a mortgage that begins to drown you.
You live the American Dream, or at least what’s left of it.
You get older.
You’ve been responsible, you’ve been reliable, you’ve been good.

You look at the twenty year old nearly ready to get out of college and you advise them to take a year. Maybe two. Travel. See the world. Chase their dreams. Work will always be there when they get back.

Why would they come back?

You’re thankful for the life you’ve lived. The mistakes. The tears you sobbed. The laughs that doubled you over. The bruises on your heart. That you still stand tall. At least most of the time.

You’re thankful.

You’re responsible. You pay the bills. Take out a second so you can.

You’re reliable. Meetings after work? It’s what you do.

You’ve been good. You don’t put yourself first. Or second. Or third…..

You look back at that college student. They have no idea what’s in store, or that they are going to be several different people in the next couple of decades. You hope they chase their dreams. And not just a little. You hope they dive! Deep enough that they can’t come back up for air. Not till they grasp their dreams and shoot out of depths and straight into the stars.

Why shouldn’t they? It’s life. They only get one.

And, that’s what I’ve come to. I’ve only got one life, and I have worked my fingers to the bone trying to make my dreams come true. While working three other jobs.

I’m going to leap, dive deep. I am choosing to have faith that I will rise out of the depths and believe that wings will unfurl and let me soar.

I’m making the leap. I’m selling my home, quitting my job, and hitting reset. I’m going to be a full-time author and give it everything I have. Everything.

Sink or swim.

Here we go!

~ Brandon Witt

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