The Last Grand Master by Andrew Q Gordon ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

LastGrandMasterTheLG Title: The Last Grand Master

Author: Andrew Q Gordon

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Paul Richmond

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Champion of the Gods: Book One

In a war that shook the earth, the Six gods of Nendor defeated their brother Neldin, god of evil. For the three thousand years since, Nendor and the Seven Kingdoms have known peace and prosperity.

But then a new wizard unleashes the power of Neldin. Meglar, wizard king of Zargon, uses dark magic to create an army of creatures to carry out his master’s will.

One by one, the sovereign realms fall. Soon the only wizard who can stop Meglar is Grand Master Farrell, the Prince of Haven, the hidden home of refugees. An untried wizard, Farrell carries a secret that could hold the key to defeating Meglar—or it could destroy the world.

While helping Nerti, queen of the unicorns, Farrell saves Miceral, an immortal muchari warrior the Six have chosen to be Farrell’s mate. But Farrell approaches love with caution, and before he can decide how to proceed, Meglar invades a neighboring kingdom. Farrell and Miceral find themselves in the middle of the battle. Farrell pushes himself to the limit as he and Miceral fight not only to stop Meglar but for their very survival.

Brandilyn’s View:

There was a lot to like in The Last Grand Master by Andrew Q Gordon. Magic, love, and of course unicorns. You have to love a book with Unicorns. Okay, maybe you don’t HAVE to, but they certainly do help.

Farrell is a Grand Master Wizard. The last in a long line, actually. When he is called by the goddess to aid a civilization avoid the wrath of the evil wizard, Meglar. An action-filled battle ensues as he and his unicorn mount try to get to the city under siege. Then we see just how powerful Farrel is. We also meet the man he is fated to be with for all time, a fierce warrior, Miceral. Once the residents of the city escape the attacks brought on by the minions of Meglar, we get to see just how rich the world Gordon created is. There is a full history of war and peace. There are gods and magical creatures. There is beauty, and there is evil. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but I got lost in this land for several hours.

I will admit, among the magic, unicorns, and love, there was a part of the book that I had to skim. During the middle of the book, the action seemed to stagnate, and the story started to drag a bit for me. There was a point I was wondering when something was going to happen again… Then, it did, and I was right back into my page-turning thrall. Now all I can say is, where is book 2, please?

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2 thoughts on “The Last Grand Master by Andrew Q Gordon ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

  1. I really enjoyed this.
    As for book two, I just checked my own review, I read it in February 2013, and Andrew said back then that the book had been written and that it was a matter of edits, then, nothing. 🙁

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