Untitled by Ethan Stone ~ #TeamPrism GRL Countdown Flash Fic

I hope you all have been enjoying the GRL Featured Blog Tour this year. We at Prism have been honored to be a part of it! As part of our #TeamPrism countdown to GRL I issued a challenge to the authors who have visited us throughout the year on the tour. Some couldn’t participate, but many took the challenge. I gave them each the same prompt and asked them to write a flash fic of 500 words, give or take a few hundred.

The Prompt

TeamPrismFlashFic prompt


Untitled by Ethan Stone

The lust was overwhelming. Well, almost overwhelming. I was still on the other side of the two-way mirror, watching him like a perv.

I didn’t know why I was so turned on by this particular man. Sure, he was gorgeous, but I’d seen beautiful men before. Even in the very room where Harrison Fox the third now slept. We’d done this before, my partners and I, kidnapped wealthy men and women and held them for ransom. We had the perfect set-up–a secluded house with a secure and soundproof room in which to keep our captives. We watched them through the two-way mirror I was now using to spy on Fox and sent food via a locked slot. There was as little interaction as possible. All the precautions kept things simple. So why was I now considering entering the room?

I wanted Fox in a bad way. I wanted to feel his lips on mine, his arms around me, his mouth around my cock. Fox was gay but that didn’t mean he’d be attracted to me, especially considering I was one of his captors.

It was mid-day but Fox was asleep. Naked. He lay on his stomach, one arm wrapped around a fluffy white pillow. An intricate tribal tattoo wrapped around one arm but what really caught my eyes was a sexy bubble butt. Fox was my idea of a perfect man.

I’d been part of this group for over a year and had never broken a rule. So why was I now considering it?

Forcing myself away from the mirror, I turned on the television and tried to concentrate on some superhero flick. But I couldn’t stop thinking about Fox so I grabbed the file we had on him. Harrison Fox the third was the eldest of the four Fox children and the only male. The family had millions, earned by the first Harrison Fox when he invested in technology before starting his own technological company.

The Foxes donated lots of money to charity and had always seemed down-to-earth. The man in the other room worked at the company and had started in the mailroom, unwilling to use nepotism to his advantage. He was also very involved in gay rights. He seemed to be just about perfect, though I knew that wasn’t realistic.

Still, Fox wasn’t like our usual victims. Most of the people we’d held had been lousy people with low morals. True wastes of oxygen. I hadn’t thought twice about taking the money they used for drugs and alcohol and ruining the environment. Fox and his family were different.

I started when the phone next to me rang loudly. It was what we used to communicate with our captives. It was a one-way line that only worked between the two rooms.

“Yes?” A voice changer would alter my voice on the other end.

“How long am I going to be here?” Fox asked. He was calm, much more collected than anyone we’d had before.

“We’ve contacted your family and are waiting for a response. As long as your father forks over the cash you’ll be fine. Probably a couple more days.”

Fox sighed. “My dad has contacts in practically every law enforcement agency in the world. This may backfire on you.”

“We’ve done this before. I’m not worried.”

“I assume the mirror is two-way so you can keep an eye on me.”

I didn’t see any reason to lie. “Yeah.”

“Were you watching me sleep earlier? I could feel someone watching me. Your shift started about an hour ago, right?”

How did he know that?

“I hear noises in the hallway. I can’t make out voices or anything but I can usually tell when there’s a shift change.”

“You’d be better off just watching TV instead of trying to figure out what’s going on over here.”

“I know you were watching me. Did you like me being naked? I think you did.”

A breath caught in my throat.

“Your silence tells me everything I need to know.”

I was too stunned to respond. I didn’t know what to say.

“You should come over to the mirror right now.”

The phone clicked and there was silence. I set it down and rushed over to see what he was doing. My jaw dropped when I laid eyes on Fox. He stood in front of the mirror, still completely naked, stroking a beautiful hard cock. He stared at the mirror but it seemed as if he was looking right into my eyes. I should’ve stopped watching, but I couldn’t.

He was gorgeous. A tan, fit body with curves in all the right places. He ran one hand up and down his chest as he jacked himself. My prick strained against my jeans, throbbing and pulsing.

He quickened his strokes, closed his eyes and came. Three long ribbons shot out of his dick and landed on the mirror. Unable to stop myself, I pulled out my shaft and quickly jacked it, orgasming less than a minute later.

Still looking into the mirror, Fox grinned, wiped up the mess and lay down on the bed. Damn it, he was a sly one.


After my shift I went home and tried not to think about Fox. And failed miserably. The man invaded my dreams and practically every single thought. When I returned to work I pretty much knew what I was going to do. I didn’t want to admit it outright, but I was going to make a major decision that could cost me my life.

Less than five minutes after arriving, the room phone rang.


“Welcome back.”

How the hell did he know it was me? I understood how he could figure out when we changed shifts, but not how he could figure out who was coming and going. I hadn’t even spied on him yet.

“You still there?” Fox asked.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Did you like my show yesterday?”

There wasn’t any use denying it. “Yeah.”

He chuckled. “I’m yours if you want me.”

“Why? So you can try to escape?”

“Well, yeah, I would look for a chance. But I’m also horny and wouldn’t mind the company.”

“You don’t even know what I look like.”

“It doesn’t matter. Don’t think about it. Just get over here.” He ended the call.

I buried my face in my hands. Why was this guy having such an effect on me? I rose and went to the two-way mirror. Fox lay on the bed, naked and leisurely stroking an erection.

I watched him for a minute before exiting my room and going to the door to his. For a moment I stood and stared at the keys in my hand. There wouldn’t be any going back. After inserting the key into the lock, I turned it and pushed the door open.

Fox got to his feet, still naked and hard, and stared.

“Damn, you’re gorgeous.” Fox grinned as he looked me up and down.

“Get dressed. We’re leaving.”

His mouth dropped. “You don’t want to have sex?”

I nodded. “Hell, yeah, I want to be with you, but not like this and not here. I’m taking you out of here and we need to leave now.”

“Why?” he asked.

“I got no fucking clue, just feels like the right thing to do.”

He grabbed his clothes, dressed and strode up to me. “Thank you.” Fox then leaned forward and kissed me. His lips were soft and warm and made my body tingle with electricity.

And with that my life changed forever.


About the Author

Ethan Stone lives in the soggy state of Oregon, and, yes, he does have webbed feet. He used to have a day job where he wore a sexy uniform, now he can wear whatever he wants to work as he attempts to see if this writing thing can support his Mt. Dew addiction.


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  1. Hi Ethan. Just wanted you to know I hate your story because now I’ll spend my day wondering what happens next! More, pretty please?

  2. Great short. They’ve got a rocky road ahead of them. Dodging the rest of the team. Angsting over goiing to the police. The fallout when the Fox family discover just who the new boyfriend is.
    Wishing for more is one thing, writing the rest of the story in your head (when you are supposed to be working on something else) is just damned inconvenient. 🙂

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