On the way to Chicago ~ GRL Update by Brandilyn with Giveaway #TeamPrismGRL


As this post goes live, I am likely frantically making sure everything I need is in my two suitcases.  I am trying to pack light because, I know I will be bringing back more than I took.  I have to pick up the Swag and books for the #TeamPrismGRL giveaway, after all!
So before I went to RT, or maybe it was RainbowCon a number of the bloggers and authors were doing this game about what was in our suitcases.  I was too chicken to participate.  So I am going to do it this time!  Of course most of the good stuff is already in the greater Chicago area awaiting my imminent arrival… here goes:

  • Clothes for day – Jean, T-shirts, Socks, you get the idea
  • Polo shirts – yep that is about as dressy as I get.
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Other “stuff” – you know soaps, etc
  • Boots – My preferred footwear, but hell on TSA security lines.  I prefer to travel in my slip-on tennis shoes
  • Hair Towel – When you have as much hair as I do, you will travel with your own towel as well.
  • The books that didn’t fit in the boxes I shipped ahead (see pic below) – All my other books are waiting for me at the other end.  I didn’t have enough to fill another MFRB.
  • Costume… well most of it.  You will have to wait for the party to see what it is.  I will tell you, I am part of a group costume.
  • Buttons for my Badge.  Mostly left over from RT + my Prism Book Alliance button
  • Self closing Flat Rate Boxes to ship home what doesn’t fit in the suitcases.
  • Stuff to organize the #TeamPrismGRL space in the swag room.
  • a Few Prism Book Alliance Tote bags.  If you are there, one will be given away in the swag room (along with an Amazon gift card), so don’t forget to stop by to enter 🙂
  • Tote bag for author signatures (of course it is Prism Logoed 😉 )
  • Sharpies of various colors for tote bag signing (for mine and for the #TeamPrism Raffle one)
  • A Water Bottle.  I drink a LOT of water, I would rather have my own bottle accessible for refills.
  • Jacket – I put this last only because I kept forgetting it.  It is hard to think about things like jackets when it is over 90F where you live!  I did finally remember, though so it is in there.  And no I am not taking a “winter coat” for 40F (the coldest the overnight low is expected to be).  I am taking a winter jacket.  I don’t actually own a coat, for one thing. I may be a Texas Girl, but I have lived where it snows. I know the difference between 40F and freeze your ass off cold.

What is going in the Carry-on (i.e. Laptop Bag).

  • Laptop – duh! I have to blog, after all.
  • iPad  – duh! I have to read and blog, after all 😉
  • Charging cables for the above and my phone
  • Advil – ‘nuf said
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Phone and earphones.  I will leave my bluetooth at home it is a power suck
  • Backup Battery for phone – very important accessory
  • Camera – I have debated with myself bringing my real camera or just dealing with the phone camera like I did for RainbowCon and RT, but I was reminded that I bitched and moaned about not having my real camera with me at those two cons… so my camera is going this time.  I have, however, packed light on the lenses, etc.  You will still get a lot of phone pics, though because… convenient!

See I told you I was boring 😉

What preceded me?  Well that is a little more fun!

  • Books, lots of them!  I don’t know what all I sent ahead, but everything I owned by a GRL author that wasn’t already signed went.  I also sent a couple by authors I know will be there as general attendees.   I forgot to get my customary “before” bookshelf picture…
  • Swag – Post-it Notes, Pens, Business Cards, and Prism Logo Buttons.  See the swag room or hit up a Prism Book Alliance reviewer for some.
  • Prism Swag pack for the #TeamPrism Raffle (includes keychain, notebook, coffee mug, and tote bag)
  • Raffle tickets – Remember to hit us up for your raffle ticket.  $1 for a chance at an iPad Mini, 19 eBooks, a GRL themed scrapbook, and the aforementioned Prism Swag Pack, including a Tote SIGNED by #TeamPrism.  All proceeds to Chicago’s LGBT center, The Center on Halsted.
  • Part of my costume… hey I needed filler in one of the book boxes

If you want a raffle ticket look for someone wearing this button!

PBA_GRL_Raffle Stickers

The Bookshelf… Here is as close to a “before” pic as I can give you…  The books that AREN’T going 😉  These are either already signed or are by authors who will not be attending GRL.

Photo Oct 10, 1 17 17 PM

And here are the ones that didn’t make the mass mailing of books.  I also pre-ordered a couple of books that will meet me at GRL. (Yes, I know Josh Lanyon won’t be there… by Catherine Dare will be 🙂 and she illustrated that one)

Photo Oct 10, 1 19 51 PM

I’m Leaving On a Jet Plane…

Sorry, I have that song stuck in my head now after staring that the pic below while I type. Yeah, I’m a dork. I never claimed otherwise.

Makes it seem so dreamy, huh?  Really folks it is a regional 70 seat jet from Houston to Chicago… we flew 737s to NOLA (which isn’t even an hour flight time) and Tampa… Oh well.  It’s all good as long as we get from point A to point B, right?  I am actually a big fan of regional jet flying.  I just find it funny that my NOLA flight was a 737 and my ORD flight is a regional.


In my former life, I worked for Boeing.  So I am a bit of a geek about planes… and space… but I digress…

If you are already in Chicago, you aren’t reading this, anyway… If you aren’t, see you when you get there!  If you are living vicariously through #TeamPrismGRL 🙂 Welcome to the ride.

Much Love and see you Tomorrow!

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Note: Books pictured represent the authors graciously donating titles to the giveaway. They do not necessarily represent the title(s) you will receive. Each pack will have 1 or 2 signed books from one or more attending Authors.

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  1. Thanks for sharing whats in your suitcase :). Since you are bringing your camera, look forward to seeing all your fun photos!! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  2. Thanks for the post! I look forward to following all the GRL posts. I hope you have a great time!

    P.S. I always pack my own water bottle, too. 🙂

    jen.f {at} mac {dot} com

  3. Have a great time. I’ll be living vicariously through all the posts from everyone. Maybe one of theseyears I’ll make to GRL and meet everyone.

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