Vices (Cold Hard Truths #1) by Nash Summers ~ Book Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

It’s Blade Runner on Corx!

vices_nashsummers Title: Vices (Cold Hard Truths #1)

Author: Nash Summers

Publisher: Loose Id

Cover Artist: Ginny Glass

Rating: 4.0 of 5 Stars


Seven years ago, Jones fell for a heartless man named Carver. A drug addiction, numerous sexual partners, and a lonely lifestyle weren’t enough to fill the void that Carver left in Jones’s chest.

Years later, the two meet under familiar circumstances, and Jones can’t help hoping for affection that Carver can never give him. While Jones tries his best to crawl under Carver’s skin and force him to feel something, he finds himself involved in a political war he had no idea he was fighting. Jones struggles to gasp for air in a dying city that’s sinking fast and pulling him under with wave after wave of addiction and betrayal.

Falling for a loveless man is enough to bring someone as strong as Jones to his knees. Will Jones ever be able to reach into Carver’s chest and bring his cold heart to life?

Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰’s View:

Vices is my first experience with this author. I figured I’d give this one a whirl since I like dystopia and cyberpunk. I’m glad I did because the pacing and political intrigue were both right up my alley. Vices is very dystopian, a true dystopian experience and, as you can imagine, bleak. Drugs, crime, poverty, environmental devastation and extreme class distinctions are rampant. That doesn’t even take into account the widespread corruption. How corrupt is the machine is the burning question?

I’m a HUGE political thriller fan. Trying to figure out who the good guys are, who the bad guys are, but I like it best when the good guy’s a little bit bad. Ok, a lot bad. Allegedly.

Jones is a member of ENAD (Enforced Necessary Arms Division) and a worker bee in the machine. He doesn’t question authority. He keeps his head down and does his job. Vices picks up just prior to him being called back into the fold. We find out later that his team got dispersed seven years ago, left to fend for themselves in the free world.

Why seven years? Not sure.

Once he gets back to the facility, he has to be detoxed from Corx, a popular street drug, which he’s developed an addiction to, though he denies it. He’s almost immediately sent out on a mission with his team. I admit I blinked at the dearth of time the team is given to reacquaint themselves with one another after such a long separation, but ENAD seems to operate on the fly. The soldiers are highly trained, but I still question their efficacy as a unit.


Carver is team leader. Jones has been pining for Carver for seven plus years. They, quite possibly, have the oddest relationship I’ve ever read. I really don’t understand why Jones is so horned up about Carver. Carver is portrayed as almost robotic, no emotionality, distanced. I’ve met glaciers more cozy than him. I, at one point, entertained the idea that he could be a cyborg and I’m fairly certain the “Cold” in the title refers to him. The Ice Man cometh. Literally. And Jones is fixated on him or obsessed, depending on your perspective.

“I’d dream of a world where Carver wanted to touch me, a world where he wanted me to be his.”

Why bro???

I’m chalking it up to the sex which is kinda kinky if you squint real hard and don’t put a whole lot of thought into it, otherwise it’s jacked up, in keeping with the rest of this world Ms. Summers has created.

Speaking of the world-building, it’s first-rate. If you’re like me and enjoy political maneuvering and espionage tales, this one will keep you on the edge of your seat. The secondary characters all bring something to the table. I’ve still got my fingers crossed for poor Bruno. Vices is book one of a series but it manages not to end on a cliff, though I still have loads of questions mostly about feasibility that I can’t go into lest I be labeled a spoiler. Hopefully, the questions will be answered in the next installment.

Intriguing opening to a series that could turn out to be a dystopian opera. Wait, is there such a thing?

Well, there should be.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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