Embraced: Chained in Darkness Book 1 by Nicholas Bella ~ Book Review by Caroline

23431962 Title: Embraced: Chained in Darkness Book 1

Author: Nicholas Bella

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


I’ve been betrayed by someone I trusted. Because of him, I was captured by my loathed enemy: The vampires. Right now, the sun is still high in the sky, but I know when it sets, I’m as good as dead. They can’t wait to get their fangs into me. I guess some would say I have it coming. I did raise a lot of hell with my Resistance crew, and I was planning on raising a hell of a lot more at dawn before I was sold out by Jonah. The vampires, werewolves and dragons, have been trying to track me down for months and I’d always been two steps ahead of them.
*Laughs* I guess my number is up. I just hope they make it quick. You see, the vampires in my reality aren’t the romantic lot you read about in books. They don’t sparkle or hang out at high schools with their teenage girlfriends. Hell no, vampires are brutal, calculating, sadistic and bloodthirsty. As a matter of fact, all of the monsters are! That’s how they were able to take over the world so easily and change an entire civilization to suit their needs. Whatever happens, I know it’s not going to be pretty, so I’m preparing myself for the worst. May God help me.
Warning: This novelette series contains hardcore sexual situations between men, not meant for sensitive eyes. I’m talking crude, lewd and full of attitude. This series will most likely either offend you or get ya revved up. This series isn’t going to be pulling any punches whatsoever, so you’ve been warned. Mature Adult Content meant for readers looking for something dark, taboo, sexy, and unapologetic in their paranormal erotica. This is NOT a romance. This novelette is approximately 13300 words.

Caroline’s View:

This short story has just taken the fluffy out of everything paranormal! The Vampires are at the top of the food chain and intend to stay there by whatever means possible. The Dragons just want to fuck you and the Werewolves just want to eat you. The human race seems like it is doomed.

Noel is part of an army of resistance fighters who are trying to break the rule of the Vampires. Although they have achieved small successes it is fight they don’t look to be winning. When he is betrayed and captured he is pretty sure of his fate but is made to wait until sunset to see exactly how bad it will be.

In Noel’s eyes the punishment he receives is far worse than death. He is to be made a Vampire, the thing he hates most in the world, by a powerful Vampire called Theoden. It would appear in his role fighting with the resistance he has wronged Theoden on a number of occasions and Theoden is out for a little revenge.

I guess really at this point as Noel is made to sacrifice a friend we should be taking his side but there is something delicious and dark about Theoden that makes him the villain that you want to love. He is rough and brutal with Noel from the start, a situation that looks unlikely to change anytime soon as he demands total respect and submission.

My only criticism is that it could have done with a good proof read. This first short story is a great glimpse with enough world building to give you an idea of how things are going to work. The blurb is quite correct when it says ‘This is NOT a romance’. It’s deviously dark and will leave you wanting more!

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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