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Join us as Chris Cox goes Outside the Margins.

Chris-Cox-OtMIt’s that time of the year, the time when we start spending money so we can give people things. Sometimes, I give joyfully. Sometimes, grudgingly (yeah, shame on me.). And then, there are the people I really want to share with, those that need a lot more than my friends and family need, but they don’t make my list because I just melted my credit card. More on that later.

More and more, I’m doing my shopping online just like a lot of people do. Yup, Amazon gets plenty of my money year round, but in the last two months of the year, they really rack up. And here’s the really cool part–so does my favorite charity.

Amazon gives to my charity because I give to Amazon. All I have to do is type in instead of and poof! Amazon sends them a percentage of what I spend, without adding a penny to my purchases.

What’s my fave place to send Amazon’s money to? I pick Covenant House New Orleans.

Covenant House takes in homeless teens, gives them shelter, food and clothing, as well as medical and psychological care and follows through by helping them get their own safe places to live along with continued education and employment. In New Orleans, they are a refuge for the kids who are kicked out of their homes or those that have to leave for safety reasons. They also help foster kids transition into adulthood as many foster kids are dumped once they reach 18. Covenant House is a strong supporter of LGBT rights and treats all their kids with dignity.

But, hey! You probably already have a favorite charity. If so, just type and if it’s already listed, you’re good to go. If your charity isn’t on the list, add them—and Amazon does the leg work to get them included!

Oh, and want to send stuff right to your charity? They can set up a wish list that makes it easy to send a couple of packages of socks in the right sizes directly to their doorstep!

While this isn’t supposed to be an advertisement for Amazon, they really do make it easy for me to share some of the abundance I’ve got. And every time I type in, every time I one-click for easy ordering, I’m reminded of how good I’ve got it. I’m reminded I have enough to share, especially when it doesn’t cost me anything.

You know what else doesn’t cost anything but can really add up? Sharing your own ways that you help others. That “pay it forward” thing really works. So, what’s your favorite way to give back?

Wishing calmness and sanity to you during all the hours of Black Friday through cyber-Monday,



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~ Chris Cox

About Chris Cox

Writing is one of those things I must do because it’s who I am. Reading is one of those things I’m grateful you do, especially when you’re reading one of my stories!

Having the freedom to write about issues that matter, as well as to write about loving relationships, gives my muse great pleasure.

I write short stories, novellas and novels about Louisiana boys in love.

The Bayou Boys series is set around New Orleans, in my home state of Louisiana where I live and love.

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7 thoughts on “Giving ~ Chris Cox: Outside the Margins

  1. I always donate to my favorite charity on behalf of whoever I would have purchased a gift for. My family prefers to spend time together during the holidays rather than spend money on each other. I usually donate to women’s/children’s centers or to the VA for the mentally disabled veterans.

  2. I’m glad to hear there are places like Covenant House helping foster kids transition. I’ve cried so many times when I hear these kid’s are “dumped” when they turn 18. Our family is older now (the “kids” are in their early 30’s with no kids of their own yet), so this year we decided to donate rather than buy gifts that nobody really needs.

    • There are a few Covenant House’s across the U.S. Not enough. Never enough. I can’t imagine knowing my 18th birthday is coming and knowing I’ll have no place to live, no job, nothing. The Covenant House in N.O.( I don’t personally know about the rest of them, but I’m betting they are good, too.) also does transition housing and employment training–and employment, they have a yard service program.–. They take in homeless and kicked-out kids under 18 as well.
      I like your idea of skipping the gifts and going for a deeper meaning. I’m wondering how to make that work at my house, too

  3. So excited to meet you at the luncheon in April. About your shopping above. Thanks for the amazon tip. Any little bit helps!! Happy holidays..

    • Hi Danielle! Great to meet you, too! Will I see you again in the coming luncheon? I was really excited to learn about Amazon’s giving program. I use it A LOT! It works for ebook downloads as well as for material stuff. Happy holidays back at ya! 🙂

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