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Title: Take to the Sky
Author: Gregory Jonathan Scott
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist: unknown
Genre/Sub-Genre: M/M Romance


An angelic romance that’s Powerful, Suspenseful, Sexy, Uniquely Erotic, and Romantic. 
In a secret Michigan Laboratory, an experiment developed a superior creation that was anticipated but not expected. He was the ultimate conception, a core life-being merged with avian. He was born with a gift, a rare one; the ability to fly. 
His wings instinctively brought out the urge in him to fly, and Kellan’s need to be free became his obsession. 
When the dark, swirling clouds loomed one night, Kellan abandoned the place he had called home, taking to the sky in search of his freedom and to seal his heart that seemed incomplete. 
Because Kellan’s secret was too great for anyone outside the institute to know about, TC unleashed genetically altered Maniacs to bring him back. 
Through independence, his amazing reality brought riveting adventures to a man he found and couldn’t seem to live without. They get tangled with hair-raising suspense that adds heart-pounding tension to every attempt they make at living their unique affair. They faced uncertainty so hectic that staying together was the least of their challenges, and it caused many of their bouts with passion to spiral in and out of chaos. 
Along their frenzied path to survive, hidden secrets surface about Kellan, prompting each move they make in order to truly set him free. 
Could Kellan’s one true love and passion to fly be the death of him? 
It’s a magnificently inventive adventure of menace, romance, and extreme erotic pleasures.

My Writers Imagination Runs Wild:

The New Year came with an interesting start, for me anyway. All was well until the lights went out, on the wee morning of New Year’s Day. Really?

Here’s what went down while I was dreaming of the upcoming release date of my first novel, HEARTBREAK BEAT:  I was unexpectedly torn from my slumber at three thirty in the morning because the air in the room felt stale and I felt the dog staring at me in the dark. When I couldn’t see the numbers on the digital clock display that’s normally visible, I figured the inbound power had gone amuck. I got out of bed, finger feeling my way around the room in complete darkness, tripping over the dog and few of his misplaced toys along the way. I knew I should have picked those darn things up the night before, but I was beyond tired after waiting for the gleaming ball to drop at midnight to take care of proper household chores before hitting the sack.

While wandering around naked in total darkness I kept thinking how black the house was without any of the usual lights being displayed on the electronic devices and the plug in nightlights placed sporadically throughout our dominion. Seriously, it was pitch black all up in there.

The first thing I thought was, ‘Crap, did I pay the electric bill?’ So at three in the morning I’m checking the payment entries online at the same time using the smart phones display screen as my only source of light. As suspected – Paid. We’re good there. I then looked down the street and saw the whole neighborhood was black. Seeing that, I felt a little better knowing the outage wasn’t my issue alone.

After that, I had a disturbing thought that made sense and I’ve heard many times throughout the year. Shock Horror. I panicked. “This is it—the big one. Right on time – Twenty-fourteen.” What better day could have been chosen for the apocalyptic button to be pressed? And with that thought, I went back to bed and prayed hard like there was no tomorrow. During my prayer session, I continuously looked out the window with one eye open, watching for flashes of light that could be trailers of atom bombs and thunder strikes that would tell me my thoughts on the matter were true. I pulled the feathered duvet over my head and prayed harder, hopeful the whole thing would blow over and I could go back to sleep and dream of rainbows and butterflies.

No luck with that. Blackness still hovered over me and I kept thinking the sun will never come.

I decided to get up again and turn on a lamp in the house so that I knew when the power came back on, if it ever would. A trick I learned from my brilliant mother.

While I sat naked in the living room, the lamp eerily flashed a couple times. I looked over at it, feeling a bit relieved that the power was about to be restored in the next few minutes, but as the flickering light show continued, it entered my mind that ghosts were in the room messing with my head. I got the hell out of there, taking off for the bedroom like the flash of a lightning bolt, only my rear end didn’t light up the way I thought it would.

I lay in bed with the covers pulled tightly to my chin and one eye peeking out the window the same way I did before, however this time rebuking the spirits I thought were playing those crazy tricks on me. At that point I figured I might as well growl the same thing they announce when they want us to move out. “GET OUT!” spilled out of me in a guttural roar, and the echo scared the heck out of me. My unexpected outburst in the middle of the night freaked the dog out too and triggered a bark from him that sent me even further over the edge. His sudden burst of energy nearly put a stop to my heart right there at four in the morning.

The scenario reminded me of The Christmas Carol, and with that tale going through my head, was hoping I’d wake up soon to a beautiful day of love and New Cheer.

I took a moment to rethink my crazy mindset and decided to get up again, go outside with the dog, and take another dark-eyed look around. Sure enough it was still blacker than black and the darkness seemed to go on for as far as I could see.

Was it dooms day, unwanted ghostly activity, or just a plain ole blackout? This I wasn’t sure of and my head was still spinning with all of the well thought out circumstances?

It was time to straighten up and act like a grown man that I’m supposed to be. Enough nonsense. Cut to me tiptoeing back inside the spooky house with a more sane theory of the powerless neighborhood.

The incoming New Year party started in the year twenty-thirteen and when the calendar changed over to twenty-fourteen, it was time to shut the festival down with the flip of a power switch by no other than the electric company. Darkness fell upon us all. My neighbor out back wasn’t down with that party-pooping stunt so with the exchange from electrical cord to full powered batteries in their musical boom box, the celebration went on.

The noise level out back never went down, the ghost in the closet didn’t seem to want to leave, and my apocalyptic nightmare wouldn’t stop messing up my mind. With all that making a home in my head, I laid in bed while the drunken sailors out back helped sing my soul to sleep.

A few hours later and what I thought to be a vicious lightening fest at six in the morning turned out to be the bedside lamp flickering on and off in my face. It finally stayed on and gave me the serenity I needed to put my mind at ease. Whoop, whoop, 2014 has begun.

Yours truly, Gregory Jonathan Scott


“Okay, I’m sorry,” Kellan said. “I only wanted your first flight to be memorable. Next time I’ll go easy on you.”

“Ppphh! Next time?” Neil spat and started to walk away. “I don’t think so, there isn’t going to be a next time.”

“Get over here.” Still chuckling in a playful manner, Kellan reached for Neil’s wrist and tugged. “Yes there will be, and I promise I’ll go easy on you.”

Neil jerked and spun into Kellan’s arms, hitting his chest hard. It seemed warmer this time and what Neil liked most of all was when Kellan wrapped his feathery wings around him for that added hug. And then there was the kiss. Another beautiful kiss that transported them to a world of their own and just like before, it was perfect.

Hardly a minute had passed when the thrill of the other’s touch set off definite arousal inside both their jeans that fought like hell to bust loose and connect in a way that only two men could.

Neil brought his hands to Kellan’s bare chest and stroked it. If he wasn’t mistaken, his chest wasn’t as smooth as it was before, maybe superfine feathers like the downy growth found on a newborn bird. It was shadow black where they were at and the darkness kept Neil from being able to tell for sure, but his exploring hands that roamed Kellan’s chest made him grow much harder than he was just seconds ago.

The low moans that came out of Kellan told Neil that whatever was happening between them needed to continue. When he felt Kellan’s tongue push between his teeth, he took that as proof that the angel wanted more of him.

Was it a good thing or a bad idea?

The night air was still, too still, almost peculiar enough to be a bad sign. It was like the calm before an approaching storm.

Neil longed for more of Kellan, but wasn’t sure it was the best thing for them to do. The idea of getting wrapped up with an angel who just escaped a top-secret government facility might not be a good one. He desperately tried to put his mind elsewhere, anywhere but on the man he was kissing. Anywhere in the universe would do fine, but the thought change wasn’t working to save his ass – he was hooked.

About the Author:

TTTS-Author-PicGregory Jonathan Scott was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he met and shared a life with Scott that began just out of high school. Meeting by chance in Grand Rapids before relocating to South Florida where they live now with their lovable Shetland sheepdog and a sweet stray cat that showed up one day and decided to make their house a home. As a child, Gregory was always told he had a creative imagination and the artistic ability to turn a blank canvas into a beautiful work of art. Shortly after high school graduation, and together with his true love Scott, discovered the thrill of pottery and ceramic art. Here is where they opened a business for ceramists that quickly exploded before their eyes as the number one location for any hobbyist, storefront and scholastic industry looking for supplies related to ceramics and pottery. During this time, Gregory was approached by art magazines to write short articles and educational columns pertaining to the ceramic artistry. Captivating readers by his writing style grew fast, which ignited his desire to express himself further. From there, it began. Finding a love for writing, alongside his artistic hand, gave him inspiration to design and write this M/M romance Novel. Gregory and Scott are still together and are currently enjoying home life in South Florida.

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