Ice Dragon Tales by Hurri Cosmo ~ Book Review by Beverley

Possibly the hardest review I’ve had to write…

Ice Dragon Tales Title: Ice Dragon Tales

Author: Hurri Cosmo

Publisher: Amber Allure

Cover Artist: Trace Edward Zaber

Rating: DNF


Prince Joron of Blade Rain spends his days helping the people of his land since his father, the king, cares nothing for them. In order to avoid the king’s wrath, he always wears a disguise when he’s out on his missions. He’s in such a disguise when King Aric of Claymoor Doom, the neighboring kingdom, first sees him and falls hard for the “servant” Joron pretends to be. But when Aric tries to find him again, no one seems to know the beautiful young man’s identity.
When Joron’s father dies from a suspicious illness, leaving Joron’s older brother, Diagus, on the throne, Joron finds his own life in danger. For protection, he disguises himself once again, this time as a woman. After saving the beautiful “woman” from assault, the visiting Aric can’t stop thinking about her. He’s led to believe she’s Princess Liarta, Joron’s sister, and immediately asks the new king for her hand in marriage. Diagus, eager to gain the wealth and power such a match would bring, agrees. But an emergency in his own land calls King Aric home before he realizes his mistake.
Princess Liarta is devastated at the arrangement, so Joron secretly journeys to Claymoor Doom to try to negotiate a new deal with King Aric. Imagine Aric’s surprise when he discovers Prince Joron is not only the “servant” he’d sought for so long, but also the “princess” he’d thought he’d bargained to wed! Aric tells Joron he will release Princess Liarta from her obligation of marriage…but only if Joron takes her place in his bed.
Joron can’t ignore the attraction he feels for the strong and handsome king, but the man’s proposition is unthinkable. Or is it? Caught in a battle of wills between two kings, uncertain who is friend and foe, and torn between his growing passion for King Aric and his responsibilities to his own people, Joron isn’t sure where to turn. Amidst plots, machinations, and dangerous secrets that could rock both kingdoms to their foundations, could it actually be possible to find a happy ending?

Beverley’s View:

This is my first ever DNF review and I feel very bad about it. However, this novel is long and by 40% I was not able to keep reading. Various problems made it impossible for me to remain ‘in the story’. There are quite a few language / grammar errors

…like what Kinnabe was to him…

and euphemisms and descriptions in the many sex scenes, which I did not enjoy

He took out his throbbing manhood and…he positioned his weeping staff at Joron’s entrance. He rubbed the now pulsing, loosened hole with his cock and a generous amount of pre-cum…

The sexual recovery time of the two main characters is extraordinary, and after one day of sex, one of the two main characters is thinking the most cheesy of romance lines, despite having only just met under very strange circumstances;

He wanted to take him and make mad passionate love.

There were such strange phrases such as;

His orgasm was so big. He had never felt it that hard before.


It seemed the more he did it with Joron, the more he needed to do it.

There seemed to be an interesting story developing, but the language and juvenile characterisations stopped me from wanting to proceed. The character of Joron is a young prince with ‘huge sparkling green eyes’ who everybody male or female just wants to have sex with. When he finally meets the King, who he has all this sex with, they are not even friends or well known to each other, and yet the king is thinking he is in love. Then in the next sentence;

He thought only last night he would have bed him (sic) a few more times in order to get him out of his head.

The sex/love connection is rather unbelievable and in certain ways, slightly offensive.

Whilst held captive in the King’s bedroom, having had sex with him numerous times, Joron remembers the King (who at that point thought Joron was a girl and was disappointed) forcing him against a tree and kissing her/him, and yet observes his memories of this kiss mean

It was obvious. He was falling in love.

I’m sorry and I realise that my issues may not be another reader’s issues, and I hope some readers get a lot of enjoyment from Hurri Cosmo’s book, but sadly I could not.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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