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Intro to Ameliah Faith:

Waves and enters room. Sits nervously on the divan and takes a sip of tea from the cup on the table.

Well…. Hello. My name is Ameliah Faith. I am a new reviewer for Prism Book Alliance. I was introduced to Brandilyn Carpenter by Anastasia Vitsky, a wonderful woman and author. Get to know her if you haven’t! (Reviews and links to her books can be found in these pages)

I read and review F/F books almost exclusively. Growing up I had no concept of being a lesbian or that F/F stories existed. When I discovered Lesbian Fiction, my world EXPLODED! I got turned onto a book by someone called Radclyffe…. She wrote Lesbian stories about Doctors and Paramedics, Fire Fighters and a Helicopter pilot…. I thought I had died and gone to my personal version of Heaven! I read morning, noon and night devouring novel after story after tale! I looked on for new suggestions when I found a book called Life is Not a Country Song. I was so touched by these women that I looked for them at this other thing I was new at… Face Book. I let them know what I thought and they were so pleased and so amazingly nice!! They asked if I would write a review and my life has not been the same since.

I started reviewing for everyone I read who touched me in some way and I would send them my review when possible. It was mostly to thank a writer and let them know someone really valued what they were doing but it became more. The authors wrote back! They thanked ME! They said it was so nice to get the feedback and that someone would take the time to personally let them know they were appreciated and on and on. Little by little a lot of these women became my friends and would turn me onto someone else to read. Eventually I met Anastasia who brought me here. I am so very grateful for that.

I have too many favourite authors to list but I will recommend a few. Besides Anastasia and the Rhavensfyres, I enjoy Linda North a great deal. Lori L Lake and Jessie Chandler are so darn sweet and so very good! (Local gals too, even though Lori Lake moved to the west coast) Liz McMullen is also very gifted. Of course we can not forget Radclyffe!! However, my main Go To Women are Dana Wright ( A straight woman who writes straight stories, go figure) and Erzabet Bishop, my Beloved Goddess of Paranormal and Erotic Enchantments. Harper Bliss is someone who works with Erzabet and also sends my pulse racing!! All of these women bring something new and different to my table and have made my life richer.

takes another sip of tea and sets it down

It’s been a pleasure getting to spend this time with you. I hope you had a nice time as well.

Waves again and leaves


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Thank you so much for your support over the last 4 years. Prism will be closing its doors on 1 April 2017. All content will remain available, but no new content will appear after 31 Mar 2017. As such all request forms have been turned off. Again Thank you,

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  1. Hey Ameliah! Thanks for supporting us authors. You rock! <3 Thanks for telling me about this awesome site and I am now following. 🙂

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