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Here’s to losing all sense of time because you are absorbed in something that interests you ~ Jill Badonsky

My favorite time-waster is Wikipedia! I like to start there for research for my historical novels and then clicking on the links in each of the articles. I start with looking up Southampton and end of up on an article detailing the 200 or people in the Line of succession to the British Throne. For some, looking that stuff up is boring, but for me, I find it fascinating.

It’s just like curling up with your favorite book or author, or a new one. I am one of those people who will start reading a new book in the morning on Sunday morning and then change my entire days’ plans if I feel the need to finish the book to figure out what happened.

What are your favorite activities that make you loose all sense of time or what is a favorite novel that you couldn’t put down until you finished? I’d love to hear!

~ L Dean Pace-Frech

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3 thoughts on “Losing All Sense of Time ~ L Dean Pace-Frech: Outside the Margins

  1. reading is my number one activity that makes me lose all sense of time. I love when I look up from a truly great book and realize hours have passed. However, I have been finding fewer and fewer books that fit that mold. The internet also sucks me in. I am much like you. Once I get on wikipedia, I go nuts following rabbit trails learning about all kinds of random topics. I also get lost in marathon TV shows. I do not have cable or any of the pay to watch subscriptions. But every so often, I will purchase and entire series (usually one with at least 5 seasons) and go nuts devouring all the episodes as quickly as I can.

  2. I can get lost for hours in Wikipedia too. One thing leads to another, and so on. When I was a child (in the dark ages) I would choose an encylopedia and read anything and everything that looked interesting. 🙂

  3. I lose a lot of time when I’m on youtube. I don’t usually use it but when I do I don’t know how I could have been on it for so long listening to whatever it was I was listening to. Also when I take walks I lose track of time.

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