Me, Myself and I ~ Daniel Kaine: Outside the Margins

Join us as Daniel Kaine goes Outside the Margins.


Sometimes, I feel like I’m more than one person.

In reality, I’m a quiet, introverted person. I hate being in the spotlight. I get anxious being surrounded by a lot of people, like I’m struggling to keep my head above water in the middle of a stormy ocean, and when that happens I retreat inside my shell. A lot of the time I’d prefer to be alone or with a few close friends.

And then there’s the other Daniel. He enjoys meeting new people. He has no problem being the center of attention and often does crazy things just for fun without worrying about the embarrassment that is sure to follow. He’s someone who believes in himself, and doesn’t let bad things get him down.

At home, you would likely see the first Daniel. And if you went to GRL in Albuquerque, you would have met that same version of myself. Walking into that hotel and suddenly being surrounded by so many people wanting to hug me… yeah, that was scary. Other than the few times I’d had a couple of drinks, I pretty much clung to people I knew as though they were the only thing stopping me drowning.

Fast forward one year to Atlanta, and things were a fair bit different. I still hated being in large groups, but I did feel more relaxed, and comfortable enough to walk about on my own. Maybe that was because I’d got to know so many people from Albuquerque that there was always a familiar face. Or, perhaps, it was my Daniel #2 mask slipping into place.

I’ve heard other authors talking about their ‘masks’ too. I guess it’s kinda like acting really. When we’re out there at a conference, we have to become sociable and likable. Not just because we’re surrounded by potential readers and publishers, but simply because it wouldn’t be as much fun otherwise—we may as well get the most out of the experience.

And this brings me onto the third me—the future me. My ideal self is the Daniel who doesn’t fear social situations. He’s much like the second Daniel, only he’s not an act. He’s more than just a disguise I wear to go to big events.

GRL this year in Chicago was a massive step toward me becoming that person. Those who know me, or have spent time talking to me over the last two years, have commented on how much more relaxed I am. That’s because I no longer have to expend so much effort to keep the mask from slipping. It’s incredibly tiring trying to keep up a façade. But like Edward from the Anita Blake series, the more I wear my mask, the more real it becomes to me.

I know I still have a fair distance to go, particularly when it comes to believing in myself. However, I’m starting to see that my new self isn’t out of reach, and I think the MM community as a whole has helped make this possible. Despite the drama llama rearing its head every now and then, I think we have one of the most welcoming and wonderfully supportive communities in the world! I really do mean that from the bottom of my dark heart. So, thank you.

~ Daniel Kaine

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16 thoughts on “Me, Myself and I ~ Daniel Kaine: Outside the Margins

  1. Having met you at all three of those same GRLs, I have to say, I’d noticed a marked difference each time, Daniel. Chicago in particular, you seemed to be a lot more at ease. It was delightful to see, dark heart and all, lol.

  2. Yeah, it was great just being able to relax and have fun. I’m really looking forward to San Diego and seeing how I do there. Hopefully the next step isn’t having my pants down in photos while I’m sober, lol.

  3. It’s been lovely, and fun watching both Daniels grow together. The Daniel who chooses icecream and eats it out of the tub and the Daniel who dares go clubbing with middle aged women.
    There are a lot of us who believe in you, we’ll carry on until that part of the puzzle clicks into place as well.

  4. You forgot the 2 ‘other’ Daniel’s. The cute and adorable one, and the scary, bloodthirsty one. Tho to me, you are aways a mix of the 2, I know the evil thoughts you have while writing lol

  5. I’ve enjoyed seeing you look so happy at the UK Meets you have attended, but have been too keen to maintain my own personal bubble that I haven’t approached. So glad to hear that you are feeling more comfortable.

    • You should definitely come over and say hi next time. While I have been having fun and hanging round with lots of people, there are still times I’ll take a moment to just sit quietly on the sidelines and take everything in.

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