Never Wrong by Chris McHart ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

Never-Wrong Title: Never Wrong

Author: Chris McHart

Publisher: MLR Press

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars


Dean believes love is never wrong, but is that still true if there’s a twenty-one year age gap?

Jeff was raised to believe love between two men is wrong. Or is it? Can love ever be wrong? When Jeff meets the much younger Dean, he only knows he wants him, consequences be damned. But things are not as easy, especially after Jeff’s ex calls and announces big news.

And Dean? He thinks the new neighbor is hot, but he’s not interested in anything more than a rebound fuck. That’s what he tells himself, at least. But lust isn’t a good basis for a relationship, more so since Jeff isn’t sure whether he can deal with being gay.

Love is never wrong, but can Jeff accept that?

Brandilyn’s View:

Age gap romances can be good or they can squick the reader out. When one MC is basically half the age of the second, the author has to work to make the reader believe there is more to the relationship. Part of convincing the reader can be done when convincing a reticent main character. That is exactly the challenge Chris McHart meets in Never Wrong.

Never Wrong starts out as a sweet neighbor based romance between the very different Jeff and Dean. Jeff is a the late in life gay man who is just out of a decade-long relationship with a woman. Our narrator, Dean, is a twenty-something man just out of a somewhat bad relationship with an unfaithful ex. A drunken hookup leads to hurt feelings, soul searching, and an eventual relationship. Apparently another drunken night may have changed the course of Jeff, and thus Dean’s lives.

The best way I can describe Never Wrong is a middle of the road romance. There isn’t anything in it that screams out to me, either way. There is some stereotypical roles with the bitchy, narrow-minded mom and the less than stable ex. However, we aren’t given much time to appreciate their place in these men’s lives. The final, obligatory, conflict also left me scratching my head just a bit. Dean spends most of the story on a pretty even-keel. However towards the end, he goes a bit irrational in the anger and jealousy departments to create conflict that felt forced, for lack of a better description. More importantly, it felt out of character for Dean.

As this was the first novel from McHart, I am eager to see what they have in store for us in the future. I see a lot of potential in the writing and storytelling that, with some polish, will become something more.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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