Off Course by Bailey Bradford ~ Book Review by Caroline

23263240 Title: Off Course

Author: Bailey Bradford

Publisher: Totally Bound

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 3.75 of 5 Stars


Gideon’s worst night ever starts out with a bang that will change his whole life.

Gideon Wells has been cast out of his bear shifter clan for being a curse, and he’s inclined to believe they’re right. After all, everything from fertility rates to shifting abilities have gone down the tube since he was born. Then when his car catches fire and mutant scorpions—he thinks they’re mutants, anyway—almost get him, he’s more certain than ever that he’s bad news.

Not that he’s just going to roll over and die.

Ignoring a prophecy might not be wise, but coyote shifter Miller Hudson has seen and heard too many false prophecies to put any faith in the one proclaiming him to be the alpha and, along with a mystery bear mate, the saviour of the now-defunct coyote den he grew up in. Besides, there’s no need for the den to be brought back together. None of them can shift, so what’s the point?

Then the buzzards circling overhead on the far edge of his property lead him to the very last thing he ever expected to find.

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to and threats of assault and rape, scenes of fisting and mild BDSM.

Caroline’s View:

Something is going wrong within the shifter world and nobody understands why. New babies are being born human with no shifting capabilities and there is real fear that as a race they are dying out.

Gideon Wells is considered cursed within his Bear clan and is kicked out in the hope that things will improve. They don’t improve for Gideon! He has nowhere to go, no one to turn to and as he is making his escape his car bursts into flames and he has to face his fear of scorpions. He runs, he walks and he gets sunburned as he is faced with being stranded in the middle of Texas without a soul in sight. He eventually collapses from exhaustion.

Miller Hudson is a Coyote that has never been able to shift into his animal form. Although the old members of his den are still close and help each other out there isn’t one person amongst them who can shift. Miller is their Alpha in everything but name, having never taken on the roll officially for fear of failing.

When he finds a sunburned and dehydrated Gideon collapsed on his property he takes him home to nurse him back to health. Although things happen quite quickly between the two men there was obvious chemistry between them from the start.

As well as learning about each other they will have to deal with a prophecy, vandalism and a problematic police officer. Miller also has to work hard to get Gideon to believe his worth after being used and abused for most of his life. This was an interesting beginning to a new series. I hope we get to read Romans story soon.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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