Old Loyalty, New Love by Mary Calmes ~ Audiobook Review by Leisa

A wonderful shifter story … And the yummiest cover art!

Old Loyalty, New Love Title: Old Loyalty, New Love

Author: Mary Calmes

Narrator: Tristan James

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Story Rating: 4.75 of 5 Stars
Narration Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
Overall Rating: 4.75 of 5 Stars


When jackal shifter Quade Danas was banished from his pack for being gay, he spent years in the military escaping his father’s prejudice before returning to civilian life as a bodyguard for Roman Howell, the teenage son of a very rich man. After Roman is in an accident that leaves him physically scarred and emotionally distant, Quade is the only one who can get through to him. As Roman becomes a man, he realizes what he wants – his bodyguard by his side and in his bed. Unfortunately, Quade can’t seem to see past the kid Roman once was to the man he has become, certain Roman’s feelings are merely misplaced gratitude. But Roman knows a lot more than Quade realizes, and he’s used to persevering, no matter how many impediments life throws his way. He wants the chance to prove to Quade that he’s strong enough for a jackal alpha to call mate.

Despite the decades Quade has been away, and the heartache of his father’s rejection, his inborn loyalty to the pack remains, and his abrupt departure left the jackal shifters without an alpha heir. As a psychopath shifter staking claim as alpha draws Quade back home, he may be forced to make a choice he never anticipated. But doing so means he must leave Roman behind… unless somehow they find a way to make loyalty and love work together.

My View – Story:

Lately I’ve been gravitating to more shifter stories – and I adore Mary Calmes – so I struck gold with her story Old Loyalty, New Love. Quade is an alpha jackal shifter who is kicked out of his pack as a young man by his father when upon discovery that Quade is gay. He enters the military and then becomes the private bodyguard for a wealthy family, who later dies leaving their teenage son, Roman, in Quade’s care. Roman, who is badly scarred from a fire, grows into an impressively successful and compassionate man with protective Quade by his side. Their relationship is purely platonic for years, until an adult Roman decides it’s time to make Quade see that they are meant to be together.

I just love this story! Roman’s face is terribly scarred, and this seems to affect the way everyone reacts to him – except Quade. Quade truly sees the strong, sexy man inside of Roman. He doesn’t see him as anyone other than the man he loves. I also like how Roman confidently and persistently pursues Quade, breaking down Quade’s arguments that he isn’t good enough for Roman. These men are mates, and soon they both admit that they are meant to be together.

Beyond the yummy romance, this story offers a compelling story filled with intrigue and action. However, it is the message of the importance of loyalty and family, whether family by blood or love, that is this story’s more enduring. Roman stands by Quade’s side as he fights to save his sister’s family, as well as his old pack, from the clutches of an evil jackal. Never fear, these two men’s fierce love for each other, as well as for their family and friends, is unbreakable!

I highly recommend this romantic and exciting story!

My View – Narration:

My open adoration of Tristan James’ narration is well documented, and he doesn’t disappoint with his telling of this story. He always manages to grasp each character’s soul, and to give voice to a story without artificial inflections or emotions. I can close my eyes while listening to Tristan weave a story’s tale, and become so immersed in the story itself that I lose myself. His narration of Old Loyalty, New Love is flawless and perfect, and only serves to enhance the delight of enjoying Mary Calmes’ awesome story.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the audiobook of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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