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Title: The Superstar
Author: Patricia Logan
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist: Jeff Adkins
Genre/Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Fiction, M/M Romance


Storm Ellison is the sexiest man on two legs. The gorgeous young star of “Trapped on an Island”, the hottest reality show on television, is instantly recognizable the moment he leaves his palatial mansion. Paparazzi follow him everywhere, leaving him no peace or privacy, selling his pictures to the tabloids, and cementing his reputation in the press as a slutty gay playboy. As Storm prepares to sign his first major movie deal, his manager decides he needs protection. What he doesn’t expect, is to be attracted to the cold bastard who’s now running his life.

Balthazar Grant, freelance bodyguard, is a huge, handsome, rough and ready former Marine, trained by the best, and willing to step between Storm and anyone stupid enough to come at him. Always stoic and serious, Taz lends a deadly presence to Storm’s entourage whenever he ventures out in public. Storm doesn’t want a bodyguard, much less one who won’t let him live his fast and loose lifestyle with impunity and he’s certainly not one to be dictated to by an overconfident Marine who has opinions about everything including who he should hook-up with.

When a deadly threat hits Storm’s world, he’s suddenly living his own reality show, only this one has an outcome which doesn’t involve being voted off an island. Will Storm wake up before it’s too late and will Taz be able to fight his attraction to the handsome young superstar while trying to convince him he’s in very real danger? The pair will soon learn that reality is stranger than fiction.

What is “romance” to you?:

Romance is the simplest of things, not the elaborate ones. Whether it’s my husband going out of his way to pick up a surprise dinner and bring it home on a busy weeknight so that I don’t have to cook, whether it’s him waking me up with freshly brewed coffee and my favorite half and half, or whether it’s him cleaning the kitchen without being asked, I find those things sexy. Nothing is quite as wonderful as having a clean stove when I want to cook.

He used to buy me flowers (which eventually die); now he brings home a favorite kitchen gadget (I love to cook). I appreciate that. We like to travel, though times are tough and it’s been a while, so when we do, he is really good about finding a special restaurant he knows I’ll like, or a special little trinket which will remind me of our trip. He’s thoughtful like that. Like I said, it’s really the little things that matter most.


Jules grinned again. “You like Storm, Taz. You LIKE like him!” she raised her voice and Taz looked around to see who else could have overheard her.

“I like him fine, Jules; I work for the guy,” he replied, intentionally misunderstanding her.
“No, Taz, you are ‘in like’ with Storm,” she reiterated. She reached up and took hold of his sunglasses, dragging them off his face. “Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t like Storm like that, big guy. Whoa, those are some dreamy eyes,” she sighed.

Taz felt embarrassed and exposed without his shades and hated the fact that she could see the very real truth in his eyes when all he wanted to do was deny it. He averted his gaze, staring out onto the dance floor only to regret it immediately when he noted Storm’s arms wrapped around the twink, his lips being plied by the smaller man’s as their lower bodies ground against each other to the beat of the music. The moment he saw them, he frowned.

“See? That’s what I’m talkin’ about, Taz. You can’t stand the way that other man touches Storm. You want him for yourself,” she said emphatically.

About the Author:

Patricia Logan resides in Los Angeles, California along with her husband, four children, her grandchild and ever increasing number of cats. When not being stage mom, baking cookies, or scooping kitty litter, she writes steamy, award winning, gay erotic romance and tries to lead her readers on a journey of discovery with more than a little angst.

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  1. Loved the excerpt. I have read the Silver series, now I’m reading the Warrior series. Looking forward to this book. 🙂

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