Port in a Storm by Douglas Black ~ Book Review by Lirtle

port in a storm cover 1 Title: Port in a Storm

Author: Douglas Black

Publisher: Loose Id

Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs

Rating: 4.00 of 5 Stars


Alex is stuck in a rut. He’s facing a big decision about his future, namely, what to do with it and so far he hasn’t managed to come up with an answer.

Until he meets Jake.

Jake blows through Alex’s world like a hurricane and Alex falls hard and fast for the perpetual traveller with a penchant for secrets and a perfect smile. Jake wants Alex, but life isn’t as simple as that. Jake never settles in one place for long and already their long-distance relationship is driving a wedge between Alex and his family. With no compromises on offer, Alex’s decision about his future becomes a decision about Jake.

For Alex, the idea of losing Jake doesn’t even bear thinking about, but choosing him looks like it will mean throwing away everything Alex knows, including his relationship with his parents. And so, Alex finds himself with another question to answer: how much is he willing to give up, to be happy?

Lirtle’s View:

Improbable though not impossible, this is romantic fantasy. Not the type with magicians or glowing swords, but the kind we all indulge in when we let our minds wander, creativity taking over.

Swirling around within this fantasy are strains of grounded reality by the names of Alex and Jake. The common thread linking it all together is the one pulled taut between them from the moment they first meet.

There’s no fighting change, external or internal. We may delude ourselves in thinking that we have control, but once change begins it’s usually impossible to stop. This is especially true when the change opens something that was always there, just waiting to be acknowledged and recognized. This is Alex. This is his existence. The inner battle has begun.

Perhaps he had even missed Jake before he met him. Before he knew he existed.

There were a few turns of phrase that rubbed me the wrong way. Nothing major, but I still tilted my head and wondered, “why?”, why choose that way to express the emotion. I didn’t encounter this later on in the book, thankfully.

Intimate. Needy. Passionate. Hot. Sexy. Sex. These two men want it all with each other and aren’t shy about expressing so, no shame here. It’s glorious. Wanton. Beautiful and barely contained. As if it needs to be.

Things started dragging somewhat around the halfway mark. Most of the reading was interesting, the writing quality never wavering, but some of the tension was lost. It became repetitious in both conversation and thought.

Even though the slow parts, the connection between Alex and Jake is intense. That doesn’t waver, either. It carries through the lulls, the anticipation for the return of that deliciously thick out of control tension.

This book started with promise and intrigue. It then took a stumble down the rabbit hole of repetition. Again. A couple of times I even thought I had somehow swiped backwards on my kindle, some of the conversations and inner thoughts were so familiar.

The mystery and motivations were held too close to the vest, never really permitted to breathe and progress. Alex and Jake kept having the same arguments and discussions, encounters and revelations, only to turn right around and start all over again. Does this happen in real life? Heck yeah, it does. Is it particularly interesting during the slow times? Not really.

There are some brilliant, beautiful scenes in here. Alex and Jake each share painful and regrettable things from their pasts, and heartbreakingly hopeful things for their future, the here and now. Most of these scenes are separated by pages of dialogue, monologue really, that ends up not landing anywhere. It’s all very well written but there is just so much of it that the focus is goes missing.

I enjoy this author’s writing. Anything of theirs that I’ve read has been enjoyable and memorable. This skated too long at the surface, only breaking through enough times to keep me reading the long passages, waiting for the next beautiful moment.

I’m not at all certain how things ambled off the tracks. I’m sorry they did because there is so much waiting to come through in this story, for me anyway. It’s waiting, I can feel it.

If you enjoy a lot of angst, even if repetitious, this is definitely the book for you. The writing makes it so.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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