Rack & Ruin by Charlie Cochet ~ Book Review by Caroline

22714908 Title: Rack & Ruin

Author: Charlie Cochet

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


New York City’s streets are more dangerous than ever with the leaderless Order of Adrasteia and the Ikelos Coalition, a newly immerged Therian group, at war. Innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire and although the THIRDS round up more and more members of the Order in the hopes of keeping the volatile group from reorganizing, the members of the Coalition continue to escape and wreak havoc in the name of vigilante justice.

Worse yet, someone inside the THIRDS has been feeding the Coalition information. It’s up to Destructive Delta to draw out the mole and put an end to the war before anyone else gets hurt. But to get the job done, the team will have to work through the aftereffects of the Therian Youth Center bombing. A skirmish with Coalition members leads Agent Dexter J. Daley to a shocking discovery and suddenly it becomes clear that the random violence isn’t so random. There’s more going on than Dex and Sloane originally believed, and their fiery partnership is put to the test. As the case takes an explosive turn, Dex and Sloane are in danger of losing more than their relationship.

Caroline’s View:

We are back with Team Destructive Delta and the rest of the guys from Thirds and it is just as fast paced and as exhilarating as the previous two times! This book had a very different feel for me than the first two, there is still a lot of action concerning The Order and The Coalition but it also looked at the relationships of the team members more closely. For me this book was all about the ‘feels’.

Dex and Sloane are better than ever together now that Sloane has realised its ok to move on from Gabe. They are still unable to be open about their relationship for fear of the team being broken up but they are very much in sync with one another both professionally and personally. The big bad Jaguar alpha has fallen hard but not everything is plain sailing. When Dex is overcome with emotion and let’s slip those 3 little words Sloane still panics and runs but his time outs are getting shorter even though he can’t yet return Dex’s sentiments.

Hobbs and Calvin have a way to go but their peculiar way of communicating still seems to be working for them even if they don’t seem to have much to communicate about. Cael and Ash are the big worry. Ash has been behaving strangely and is suddenly not comfortable being anywhere near Cael. His actions are cold and his words are hurtful and it is beginning to affect the whole team. Cael’s secret crush on the bad tempered Felid may not be as secret as he thought. We learn more about Ash in this book and realise there are reason for him being a grumpy old cuss.

The main problem in this book is that there is a mole in the Thirds and nobody has a clue who it is. Coupled with Ash’s strange behaviour and the company he is keeping and Dex is beginning to wonder who he can trust. Add in the murder and mayhem out on the streets by the various groups who are always one step ahead due to the inside information they are receiving and Destructive Delta are becoming stressed and wary.
Once the mole has been discovered, the baddies rounded up, Ash well on his to healing and Cael going off the rails there is the mother of all cliff hangers! Charlie Cochet has been a bad author and left us all hanging until the New Year…I can’t wait!

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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