Ryan’s Wizard (Paws and Magic #2) by Beany Sparks ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Ryan's Wizard Title: Ryan’s Wizard (Paws and Magic #2)

Author: Beany Sparks

Publisher: eXtasy

Cover Artist: Latrisha Waters

Rating: 3.75 of 5 Stars


After years of no contact, Oliver “Olly” Grey was finally able to reunite with his cousin Aiden. He’s surprised to find that Aiden now has a mate—a male, shifter mate—named Lex. And it’s Lex’s pack mates that Olly is there to help save. What he hadn’t expected was Lex’s brother Ryan.

Ryan Shepherd was happy to have found his brother Lex, and even happier to know that his brother was happily mated. But there is something about Aiden’s cousin Olly that Ryan doesn’t trust, especially when he also smells like the man currently holding his pack members captive. Yet that doesn’t stop Ryan from wanting to hold and comfort the man, and eventually he realizes why—Olly is his mate.

Now the four of them need to plan a rescue mission, but what happens when they run into the two men that had held Lex captive and those same men come to the cabin in the middle of the night?

PizzyGirl’s View:

Ryan’s Wizard picks up at the end of book 1. It gives the reader more idea of what being a wizard means. It has another cute mating and I enjoyed seeing Ryan and Olly get together. It was not rushed or forced or sleezy. Their mating was cute. I liked Olly. I felt bad for his situation and loved seeing him break out and experience the little things in life for the first time. The joy he got as grocery shopping was adorable.

As the story unfolded, I enjoyed the plot. I liked the shifter rescue theme. It kept me interested because I had many questions. The author did a good job playing on my curiosity. I wanted to know why they were captured. I wanted to know more about Walter and Olly’s history. I wanted to know what was happening to the captured shifters. I was a bit disappointed that most of these questions were left unanswered. I am sure this is because the series needs to continue and these answers will come later, but since this was Olly’s story, I wish those answers would have come now.

I was also a bit let down by the rescue itself. The majority of the story was spent preparing for and worrying over this event. Once it was executed, it was just too easy. There was very little resistance and hardly any action.

Even with the items that let me down, I liked this light and fun read. I am enjoying this easy to read series. I will pick up the next book because I want to know how this series will continue forward. Will it just focus on the rescued shifters? Or will there be more rescuing to come? I also want to know if my questions will be answered.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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