Seduction in Red by D.t Peterson ~ Book Review by Beverley

My review of D t Peterson’s much promoted second book…

Seduction in RedTitle: Seduction in Red

Author: D.t Peterson

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Jared Rackler

Rating: 1.0 of 5 Stars


Trevor is young, rich and single; completely open about who he is and unwilling to hide it from anyone. Cody is shy and inexperienced, exploring the desires he secretly craves to fulfill for the first time. Together, they venture down a path neither of them could have ever imagined… .

Beverley’s View:

My 1* is for Jared Rackler’s Cover Art

My overwhelming impression is that this work should never have been published in its present form. The plot is basic and improbable, the characterisation underdeveloped and weak, the editing non-existent. This story is written, I feel, by an author living out a twink fantasy through his book. Although, the actual writing has an adolescent feel to it. The book is strangely marketed as erotica and romance, it is neither. In addition the title is a misnomer the only red being briefs worn – briefly. The seduction, merely the overuse of the words seduction, seductively and seducing. This author also manages to have an omniscient first person narrator Cody, there is also some third person narrative dropped in when Cody, has left the conversation…but the author wants us to hear the end of it !!

When writing a review I highlight either very good passages to quote, or problems I encounter and make notes. Whilst reading this work I made 111 separate highlighted notes before I gave up,  not one was for merit. In a book of 192 pages this is spectacular. Below I detail a few of the problems I found with examples;

Bad or unbelievably strange phrases:

I had purposely picked red briefs to wear tonight. The jeans hung tightly around me barely covering my tight, round ass.

I couldn’t help but not look at him (?)

I half wanted to get up and leave, but he was incredibly hot. I was helplessly drawn to him.

With each thrust I could feel his raging cock and throbbing head penetrating deeper as he sliced me open. (Cock and head no wonder he was sliced open!)

He took my head in and out of his sweet ass.

I could get addicted to this, I said, coyly, as (sic) savoured every drop of his poignant seed. 

Below are just two physical impossibilities:

My heart raced as he slid his tongue across my chest and he took one nipple, and then the other into his mouth, as (sic) suckled and nibbled on them.


Wave after wave of insatiable lust swept over me, my tight swollen lips craving more. I pulled both my legs back further, exposing my tight round ass for him, and ran my finger down his crack and found his sweet, hot hole.

How? With his third hand?

Adverbs, we have a plethora of adverbs, but they are from a very small list:

‘Mmm,’ he said lustfully

He just looked up at me seductively

Unrelentingly, he slid his lips up and down

“Yeah, I do” I said sheepishly

I stared into his eyes intensely

Seamlessly, he slid two fingers into me

Take me I said forlornly.

…he ground his throbbing cock against mine seductively and wantonly

These last two are used ad nauseum in the book.

There are also numerous typos, scandal for sandal; winching for wincing; quest for guest… and many more all of which could have been resolved with a good editor, and some honest beta readers.

This isn’t meant to make fun of the author, but to make some serious points. It is no good for the author – and certainly no good for the genre – to have books go out for publication in this state. Having finished reading the book, I read the glowing reviews it was seeming to attract on various social platforms, and tried to see what the reviewers had liked, I do not take giving a low rating lightly.

This story has a 21 year old gay virgin being picked up by a stranger in a bar, the only word about safe sex is the virgin asking ‘You negative?’ and the man responding ‘Yes, I’ve been tested’. They leave in the stranger’s car, the virgin having said, ‘I’m free all weekend’. Then they have constant bareback sex many, many times throughout the book. Where’s the responsibility of the author, why doesn’t the boy let someone know where he is? Being ‘tested’, for everything or just HIV? In addition, the gay virgin has a regular girlfriend who he has sex with…what about her health etc. Where is the boy’s sexual confusion?

The secondary characters, are more like shadows, as they are so flimsy. These characters have one role, to be portrayed as ‘bad’ if they in some way impinge on Cody and Trevor being able to parade around in rings and bracelets, or having more sex.

The ‘dialogue’ between the lovers…is juvenile consisting of grunts, groans and licking or eating ‘cum’. They use words like ‘you’re so cool’, ‘yeah’, ‘nice’ and ‘sweet’ or ‘sweet faggot’ – This word is used so many times, and so inappropriately, I started to wonder if D.T. Peterson might in fact be a straight author with a problem, until I read the pages and pages of cum descriptions including ‘snoball’ and ice-cube cum sex. Plus, multiple nauseating references to ‘giggle giggle’ fruit based drinks, which make cum taste nicer.

My main problem with this work is the stereotyping, but the author’s attitude to ‘coming out’ is also worrying. Trevor is supposed to be an out and proud gay man, Cody not, and yet the author has Trevor trying to make Cody look like him (inferring this means gay) and then Cody wants to look like Trevor (again inferring gay). This involves wearing too tight trousers and ‘boi-shorts’, ‘almost sleeveless button down’ shirts, and the, constantly mentioned, bracelets, rings, or tight capri pants with tank tops.

When Cody goes home he hides the jewellery in his car because everyone knows if you wear bracelets or rings you’re gay!

…people were staring at us as (sic) walked along the trail and talked. I was sure I looked half gay dressed in his (Trevor’s) clothes…not that he acted gay, but there was something about the way he held himself which made it obvious. The long blonde hair, the rings and bracelets were pretty over the top too.

This theme is paraded again and again. Gay men are obvious because of the way they walk, and they wear outrageous flamboyant, ‘obvious’ clothes. Plus, the author makes constant reference to the two of them being ‘pretty faggot boi-toys’. In one scene, only the second day of meeting, Trevor takes Cody for a full wax and after, Hours of excruciating pain (how hairy was this Cody?) Trevor asks him how he feels

‘Umm, really gay.’

‘Yeah,’ he laughed, you’re starting to look it. Pretty awesome huh?’

There is also an underlying theme that ‘coming out’ is always bad,

Do you know what coming out really means? You’ll lose everything,’…’Do you know what I am now? I’m a cheap, dirty little faggot, sleeping on other people’s couches, with nothing.

If I’d had a drink for every time Trevor and Cody have sex, I’d have alcohol poisoning by 10% of the book. It is not erotic, in the end it became boring, scene after scene set up so the two could find different ways to ‘eat cum’.

This book stereotypes gay men. It promotes terrible attitudes to sex and love. It exaggerates and stereotypes anti-gay feeling, and has a twist at the end that made me hate the book even more. The much touted twist was terribly contrived, and a thinly veiled attempt at injecting emotion into a pretty soulless piece. I won’t give to give the ‘twist’ away, I will just say the author manages to stereotype a different demographic so badly they become caricatures in the end chapters.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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