The Bones of You by Laura Stone ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

The-Bones-of-You Title: The Bones of You

Author: Laura Stone

Publisher: Interlude Press

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


Oliver Andrews is wholly focused on the final stages of his education at Cambridge University when a well meaning friend upends his world with a simple email attachment: a video from a U.S. morning show. The moment he watches the video of his one-time love Seth Larsen, now a Broadway star, Oliver must begin making a series of choices that could lead him back to love—or break his heart.

The Bones of You is full of laughter and tears, with a collection of irritable Hungarians, flirtatious Irishwomen and actors abusing Shakespeare coloring Oliver and Seth’s attempts at reconciliation.

Brandilyn’s View:

When I first read the blurb for The Bones of You by Laura Stone, I said I had to have that book. Then I put off reading it until the last possible minute. Why? I knew it was going to break my heart. I was not wrong. This book is an emotional rollercoaster from the first page to the last.

And that’s when he heard it: a beautiful voice that was painfully familiar. God, that sounds just like… He dropped the satchel—the papers, thankfully, stowed away—and turned to his computer screen. It felt like time had stopped, that it took forever to see proof on the screen that he’d heard what he thought he had heard. And then he saw him.

Seth and Oliver are high school sweethearts. However, the pressures of distance and family broke them up. Five years have passed since the fateful day when it all crumbled at their feet… and hearts. Oliver has spent those five years running from a ghost. Even going so far as to leave the country. Whether he recognizes it or not. When a little friendly meddling brings up all the old feelings, can they find their way back to each other?

It hurt just knowing they existed (and the letters he’d written in turn, filled with his own longing and dreams for their future), knowing that those feelings so earnestly expressed by the boy he’d loved had changed.

Bones takes place over about eight months, with intermittent flashbacks to show us the past heartbreak. The pain Oliver is experiencing had me ugly crying by the second chapter. I laughed with them; I cried with them. I wanted to slap Ollie upside the head and pull him into my arms to protect him. I wanted Seth to realize he could trust Ollie with his bruised and broken heart. I want to take Seth away from Ollie to protect him. I wanted Ollie to be the man Seth needed and deserved.

He didn’t have to speak to Seth, he realized. He could go and simply be proud that he’d once known this amazingly talented person onstage. Once upon a time Oliver had loved him, and he had loved Oliver back. Oliver could sit in the dark theater and just be happy for someone whom he’d always wished the best. Seth didn’t ever have to know.

Since the story is told from Oliver’s perspective, in the third person, we didn’t get to know Seth as well as we might have. Stone still managed to make me hurt for him every time Oliver did something to break his heart a little more. As for secondary characters, I loved Moira. I don’t read het, but she needs a HEA. Big Mike is also pretty epic. We didn’t get to know Oliver’s parents well, but that is by design as they aren’t very present in Ollie’s life.

In short, I adore The Bones of You and eagerly await Stone’s next offering.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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